Total Abs Part 2

Total Abs Part 2

Total Abs Workout

This workout will help you get you total abs! All the best ab exercises for a sculpted core, flat tummy and that 11 line.

The workout will consist of:

  • Full Sit Up to Russian Twist
  • Toe Touches 45 Degrees
  • Plank Forward & Back
  • Bird Dog
  • Side Plank Reach Through L+R
  • Leg Drop Circles
  • V Sit Pulses to V In & Outs
  • Heels Up Butt Off
  • Bicycle Leg Drops L+R
  • Eagle Sit Up L+R
  • Side Scissors
  • High Plank Arm Extension
  • Froggies
  • Plank Knee to Elbow
  • High Bicycles
  • Static 45 Degree Hold
  • Kneeling Leg Extension L+R
  • Fill Sit Up Russian Twist

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