Toned Calves & Leg Workout

Toned Calves & Leg Workout

This workout will get you TONED LEGS and CALVES! Grab your BTES TROPICAL COLLECTION ANKLE WEIGHTS and feel the BURN with this effective 10mins lower body workout! Want that extra motivation and longer daily workouts? Download the BTES APP for FREE and become a VIP!

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Total-Body Benefits of the Toned Calves & Leg Workout

Toned Calves & Legs : Leg workouts aim to make your legs toned and most importantly strong. Stronger legs will significantly improve your performance of other workouts, cardio, running, walking and jogging. By strengthening your leg muscles you’ll also lower your risks of injuries while performing other types of workouts. Your calf muscles propel you forward with every single step, they absorb load with each impact and they support the rest of your lower limb and body. Strong calves help build a strong, healthy and balanced body, whilst lengthened calves improve mobility which allows for greater range of movements for the big lifts, like deadlifts and squats, which are going to sculpt your figure, so do not be afraid to work on those calves!

By strengthening your lower core, you'll improve agility and balance. This means you'll be able to avoid falls and injuries during workouts, and be more limber when going about your daily activities. Strengthen your lower body to avoid muscle imbalances, which will result in a more well-rounded workout.

Building a powerful lower body also helps to:

  • build muscle
  • tone and sculpt legs
  • strengthen core muscles
  • burn calories and promote weight loss
  • improve your overall fitness
  • reduce joint pain
  • strengthen bones
  • engage major muscle groups

Believing in Yourself : Believing in yourself means having confidence in your own abilities. It means being able to trust yourself to do what you say you'll do and knowing that those efforts will result in the desired outcomes.

7 Awesome Ways to Begin Believing in Yourself

  • Be realistic about your goals
  • Surround yourself with positivity
  • Acknowledge accomplishments and passions
  • Share what you have to offer
  • Reach for the stars
  • Don't be afraid to speak up
  • Take care of yourself--you're important!

Be Aware of 'How you talk to Yourself!'

Put a plan into action to get what you want! Have a Strategy!

We can help you with this on the 5 Day Better You Program

Toned Calves & Leg Workout - What are we doing in today's workout?!

Wide Plie to Raises : Using your ankle weights take your body into a Plie Position. Go all the way down and keep in that Plie! Raise one heel at a time holding that plie and maintaining your balance. Gently lift one foot at a time and squeeze those glutes in tightly! Keep your legs nice and wide and out to the side. Try and go down a bit lower each time and lift your legs. Tuck your hips underneath making sure you are holding a Plie Position and not a Squat! Keep lifting and raising all the time, then gently release and come back to a standing position.

Squat to Bent Leg Extensions L & R : Bring your legs out nice and wide and pull your core in tight. Go into a wide squat and lift one leg out to the side at a time. Take your body down, push down and lift up all the way out to the side. Squat down and as you come up lift your leg out to the side. Hold your hands together, push your knees out to the side and stand up nice and tall. Lift up and all the way through, keep lifting your knee up higher each time. Extend your your leg up nice and high and keep it smooth and controlled. Squeeze those hips in tight and enjoy the challenge!

Standing Leg Circles x2 L & R : Take a deep breath in and get ready! Hold onto something if you want to for your core and balance work. Put both hands on your hip and gently lift one foot off the ground and gently move your foot in a circle position. Keep turning your foot round and holding your balance at the same time! Point your toes and stand up nice and tall pointing your toe down to the ground. Take over to the other side and repeat. Can you feel a serious burn in your calf muscle? You can crush it! Squeeze out to the side and do the same on your other foot. Push down on your supporting leg and lift up through your chest. You Got This!

Give this 10 minute workout routine or get the full 30 minute workout on the BTES App!  

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