Tone your BOOTY with the NEW BALLET BARRE workout!

Tone your BOOTY with the NEW BALLET BARRE workout!

Have you done the BALLET BOOTY workout? This week we target our BOOTY area with a stacked barre workout! 


Dance your way to a perky BUTT and get ready to have some fun! Is there a better way to BURN calories?




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Want to know how to stay in shape? HOW TO GET RESULTS? Check out EXACTLY what I eat in a day! 80% of how you look & feel is based on the food you put into your body. I know you have been asking for this for a while - so check it out! 


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Do you know those times when you just don't feel like yourself? On this episode of It Takes Grit, we talk about how it's normal to slip into a funk! We all have a lot of emotions making it totally normal to have an off day or week! 


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And don't forget about my BLOG on quick & easy meals that aren't instant ramen!
On a Ramen noodle diet? Maybe it's the only food you can afford or have time to cook. Good news - you don't have to break the bank to be healthy! You just need to know what to buy. 

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