Get Lean Arms - Upper Body Tone Up

Get Lean Arms - Upper Body Tone Up

Ready to feel confident in your tank top?

No more excuses not to feel your best with this killer 10 minute workout that will target your arms, back and shoulders.

For the full version with it's own warm up and cool down check out the BTES app where you will get a different daily workout to do each day of the week in a perfectly organized calendar. 

Body Workout for Women's

You have the option to add weights into this workout to make it more challenging. Do not worry about 'bulking up', this workout will tone your upper body. Plus it's super hard to get bulky! It takes super heavy weight, like 25lbs in each hand and eating lots of food.

Don't get me wrong you still need to eat enough food and especially protein to get toned, so mo skipping meals thinking it will get you results! We also give you your own unique protein number to make sure you have enough and also not too much once you join the BTES app and sign up for the free 5 day better you program that you cant find inside.

If you want to save a couple of exercises in your head that will help tone your upper body these ones are my favorite:

- Elbow Squeezes

- Flys 

- Bicep Curls in and out 

- Tricep dip 

- Overhead press

What about the BINGOW WINGS?!

If you are looking to target those bingo wings you want to doing exercises that will work your tricep muscles. This is the back upper part area on your arm. the best exercises for this muscle is tricep dips on the ground which are also in this workout.

The main focus here is just moving your ams and not letting your legs or hips move at all. Put all the tension and focus into your tricep muscle to get the most out of each rep. If you see your hips moving up and down too much this is when you not target the bingo wings. Think about your arms moving that moves the lower part of your body!

A great alternative to weights if you are traveling or just want something extra to add more resistance are bands. My favorite accessory to add to any workout to feel more BURN! I mean you are already doing a workout, why not make it a little more challenging and add in extra resistance for max results?! Check out my new heavy duty bands here!

Let me know what workouts you want to see next and how you enjoyed this one in the comments below.


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