How to Get a Smaller Waist - Oblique Burn Workout

How to Get a Smaller Waist - Oblique Burn Workout

Want a Smaller Waist?   


Hey friends! I hope you’re having an AMAZING day! 

Get ready to feel the burn in your obliques with this tiny waist ab workout! This toned oblique ab workout will target your sides and shave off inches from your waist! And remember — if you want to level up your wellness journey, it’s 80% nutrition, 20% fitness, and 100% mindset. Check out the results from my amazing VIPs here — this could be you! 

Today, we’ll focus on specific exercises to sculpt your obliques for the fastest results. The workout will consist of:

  • Alternate Side Planks
  • Low Plank
  • Slow Bicycles
  • Side Plank Dips
  • Russian Twists
  • Opposite Toe Touches
  • Star Touches
  • Kneeling Crescent Moon Pulse
  • Knee to Elbow Taps

You can read along in this blog post to get a feel for the workout and then watch the video and follow along with me. 

Today we've got 30 seconds per exercise with a 15 second rest before we move on to the next one. We're going to get through the whole thing in one go!

Let’s get started! 

Alternating Side Planks

alternating side plank

Today, we're starting off with alternating side planks. 

Get yourself into the standard push up position. If this is your first time you can drop down to your knees. Make sure those hands are placed directly below your shoulders. Once you’re comfortable, we’re going to twist the body and lift one elbow at a time going backwards up towards the sky. Push down into those fingertips on the bottom hand and then squeeze across every single time. Your goal here is to pull that elbow up a little bit higher each time. You've got this! 

Once you’ve done one side and returned to the center, we’re doing the same movement on the other side — keep that rhythm going for the entire 30 seconds! Push nice and strong into that hand on the bottom, lifting those obliques up every single time as you raise the opposite elbow. Once the 30 seconds is up, we have a 15 second break as we transition into the next exercise — let’s get ready! 

Low Plank Hip Dips

low plank dips

If you’ve worked out with me before, you may recognize this exercise — they’re really great for working your obliques. For this exercise, start in the standard plank position resting on our elbows, with elbows resting directly under the shoulders. Bring your hands together in front of your face. Next step is either to stay on your knees or to come up off your knees onto your toes. If you’ve never done this exercise on your toes before — let's give it a go today! We're going to rock our hips side to side now, almost touching the ground.

To make this a little bit more challenging, bring your hands out to the side and down onto the mat. Elbows directly underneath your shoulders, take it nice and slow and keep going — you've got this! Hold the control, decide that you are going to make this happen for yourself today because you can: it's all in that mindset. Give me one more — and release. 

We’ve done another 30 seconds and now it’s time to flip over onto our backs. Well done! You’re doing great!

Slow Bicycles

slow bicycles

For this exercise, place your hands behind your head again with those elbows out to the side, and make sure that your legs  are bent at 90 degrees, with those knees sitting right above your hips.We’re going to bring our right elbow up to the left knee while the right leg slowly extends straight ahead with our foot almost touching the floor. Next we’re going to slowly transition by dropping the right elbow back down while we bring the right leg up. Then we're going to do the other side: ring the left elbow up to the right knee while the left leg slowly drops down to hover above the ground. Hold it for a second  as you squeeze those obliques before returning to the center. 

Great work! That's it. Lift the elbows up nice and high and squeeze again. Remember to keep the knee at the top above that hip, legs bent at 90 degrees.We want to be working those oblique muscles.  

This exercise is complete once 30 seconds are up! Ready for the next exercise? Another 15 second break and here we go. 

Side Plank Dips

side plank dips

Next we’re going to do some side plank dips. The starting position is to have one elbow directly underneath your shoulder. Once comfortable, the next step is to raise your body up so only your ankle and elbow are touching the floor. If this is too difficult, you can rest on your knees instead of your ankle. Once you’re in this position, the clock starts. I want you to dip your hips up and down. Every time you come up, pull those obliques.

If you’ve never done this exercise on your toes let’s give it a try today too! We are going to push you to the next level because you never know what you're capable of, unless you give it a go. Lift off your knees and onto your toes and raise those hips up, pausing for a split second before dipping down again. Just a tiny little pause at the top to make sure that we're getting that full range of motion. Let's go! 

Feel those obliques on fire! When we’re done with the first 30 seconds, release down and switch it over to the other side. Remember that the elbow is directly underneath the shoulder, and we're going to come up either onto the knees or to the toes.

We don't know what you're capable of if you're not prepared to try. I promise that you are always capable of a little bit more than you think! Let's own this workout. Every single day that we wake up, we have a decision to make: Are we going to make the right choices? Are we going to know that we are in control of those choices and we can take full responsibility? 

Great job! We’ve fully completed this exercise when we’ve done 30 seconds on both sides.

Russian Twists

russian twists

For this exercise, I want you to sit upright with your legs extended and knees bent slightly. Leaning slightly backwards about 45 degrees. This is the center point. We're going to make sure that we're activating the core and targeting the obliques as we twist our body by moving our hands from side to side, touching the ground beside each hip. Make sure that your eyes are following your hands as we twist from one side to the other. Breathe as you take your hands across your body. Breathe in through your nose. Exhale. 

This exercise is over once the 30 seconds is up.

Opposite Toe Touches

opposite toe touches

Great job! Next, I want you to lay back down on the ground, raising your feet up to the sky with your legs straight. Again, our hands are placed behind our head in the resting position. One at a time, we're going to make an opposite diagonal crunch by using one hand to reach up to the opposite legs' toes. We're not touching the toes —more like 45 degrees up our leg. Make sure to keep that chest lifted up the whole time and those legs as straight as possible. 

Remember, every single squeeze and pulse that we do, we are working towards the goal of what you want to look like, how you want to feel, and we’re getting stronger — every single rep counts! Let's make it the best you've ever done every single time. 

This exercise is complete when 30 seconds are up.

Star Touches

star touches

Remember, we’re doing all the exercise today in one go, so let’s jump straight to the next one! I want you to lay down on the ground with your legs flat on the ground with your feet a little bit wider than your mat. Bring your arms over the top of your head, and we're going to take each arm individually to the opposite leg to touch. Ready? Let's go! 

Make sure you reach up as high as you can to your ankle, lifting your shoulder off the floor as you raise your hand. Nice, slow, and controlled, squeeze those abs as you get to the top and bring both your arm and leg all the way down again. Really twist to feel those obliques working. Pause at the top and release all the way down. 

This exercise is done when the 30 seconds is up! You’re doing great — we’re nearly there!

Kneeling Crescent Moon Pulse

kneeling crescent moon pulse

Just three more exercises to go! 

For this next exercise, come up onto your knees and raise your arms up above your head clasping your hands together at the top. Extend one leg out to the side and gently pulse your body leading with your hands down towards the extended leg, creating a crescent moon with your body. Take two pulses before pausing at the top again and keep that rhythm for 30 seconds. It’s really important that you tuck the hips underneath, lift up through your chest, through the spine, and give yourself a little smile at the top. We're doing this — you're doing this! You showed up for yourself! How great do you feel that you actually made it a point today to get a workout in, and show up for yourself? This is amazing! You should be proud of yourself, and guess what? You have to keep on doing it. 

Once 30 seconds are up on this side, release. Let’s change over to the other side,  extending the leg out.

You're going to feel even better when you make this part of your routine. Remember to do a little pulse before going back to the center. Try and squeeze every time you come down, each time trying to push your body a little bit further. Feel your abs working, your core engaged. You're working on that balance! Just one more to finish our 30 seconds on this side, and we’re done.

Come back down to the ground as we rest for 15 seconds and transition to the next exercise. 

Knee to Elbow Taps

knee to elbow taps

We’ve made it to the last exercise! Let’s hold nothing back — lay down on the ground and bring those knees up to 90 degrees. We're putting our hands behind our head again with elbows out to the side. Bring that elbow across your body and reach for the opposite knee. 

You might be able to get your elbow there, you might not — the goal is to keep your feet up and your knees at 90 degrees. I don't want them coming closer towards your head so that you can touch them — that's not the point. We want to work on bringing that chest up and taking that elbow across the body, feeling the obliques squeeze. 

We will alternate one elbow at a time for the duration of 30 seconds.

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Now that we’re finished with the workout I want to remind you: if you want to get results, you have to know that 80% is nutrition and 20% is fitness. If you're not following a meal plan, you are not going to get those results. Make a full conscious decision that you want to get results, and it's so easy. We've given you the plan in our BTES app, you just have to follow it!

Oh my goodness — you guys absolutely crushed it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post, friends! Don’t forget to check out the video so that you can work out with me! Remember — if you seriously want to get results? 80% is nutrition and 20% is fitness, and with the book It Takes Grit! you get all of the recipes that come with a 30-day program, along with the full-length workouts, as well as an unbelievable book that you need to get your hands on. You can also download the app where we support you every step of the way!

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