How to get a Smaller Waist - Oblique Burn Workout

How to get a Smaller Waist - Oblique Burn Workout

How to get a Smaller Waist by using these exercises to shave off inches from your waist

Get ready to feel the BURN in your obliques with this Tiny Waist Ab Workout. Plus the best in nutrition tips to speed up your results.

Some of my favorite core crushing, oblique burning exercises you must save! 👇🏻

1️⃣ Side crunches
2️⃣ Plank hip dips
3️⃣ Russian twists  


How to get a smaller waist from home?

Thankfully you no longer need to leave the house to get a good workout in and get results. With the BTES app you have over 300+ workout videos on demand to help you move your body everyday.


Getting a slim waist...

You might think that getting a slim waist is all about doing a bunch of crunches and ab workouts yet the secret is 80% nutrition. Ever heard the saying, 'you cant out train a bad diet?!' well it's true! Eating the right amount off protein in a healthy diet is key to build ab muscles and a post recovery shake is a game changer. It will feed your muscles after a workout in which you are breaking down fibers. This is essential in getting results and giving us tone and definition.

And thinking avoiding food is the best way to get a flatter belly? Not! Bloat can happen for so many different reasons - hormones, dehydration, diet, etc - but you can fight back with these powerful pooch blasters... lemon, ginger, lentils and what I use is aloe and probiotics! 

First up lets crush this workout and if you are ready to take your results to the next level get the full workout on the BTES app!


So why is protein so important for getting a tiny waist:


Protein aids in building stronger and healthier bones and muscles. It also helps your skin, hair and nails stay healthy. When you work out, especially when lifting weights, you are ripping some of your muscle fibers which is a good thing! And protein will help repair these tissues to build lean muscle.


Not only does protein help with the things you see on the outside, but it also helps to regulate your hormone levels.


Protein helps to expedite your body’s recovery after any exercise. This will help you to move every day without as much risk of injury!



Enjoy fueling yoru body after a great workout and remember 80% of your results are from the kitchen.

I know ab workouts are your favorite, let me know how this one compares!




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