Summer Blog Intense Tone Workout

Summer Blog Intense Tone Workout

In just 15 Minutes TONE and leave your whole body feeling the heat with this INTENSE Summer Body Tone Workout!! You definitely want to add this to your daily routine this summer!

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Total-Body Benefits of Summer Blog Intense Tone Workout

Upper Body & Core Strengthening : Properly building up your core cranks up the power. A strong core also enhances balance and stability. Arm workouts have lots of benefits, including protecting your bones and  supporting other exercises! It helps reduce injury risk, improves posture, boosts heart health and lower stress levels. Core strength is important throughout your life as it stabilizes your entire body and gives you better balance and posture, all of which can help prevent falls, decrease back pain, and keep you mobile! When it comes to everyday tasks, stronger upper body muscles help you lift heavy items. Without strengthening these areas, your lower back muscles often have to compensate for the arms and shoulders, which can result in strain, unexplained pain or an overuse injury.

A strong upper body can have a ripple effect through the rest of your workout and physical activities by Improving coordination, no matter the activity. It also helps develop stronger arms, which are key for swimming, running and cycling. When you have good posture this will decrease injury risks, which can increase when you work out with poor posture.

Consistency : Someone who is consistent always behaves in the same way, has the same attitudes towards people or things, or achieves the same level of success in something. When you are consistent, you have a sense of accountability and direction that translates to progress. Consistency is arguably the most important component when working to accomplish your goals! Without consistency, life can become unorganized and the body has a harder time adapting and forming habits may be more challenging. 

Keeping a consistent workout routine helps prevent tightness in the muscles, which leads to better performance. The more inconsistent your exercising is the more you're likely to fatigue. Fatigue is one of the major culprits of both acute injuries and overuse injuries. Consistency is the critical driver for success.

5 Tips to Help You Get Into a Consistent Workout Routine

  • Reinvest in yourself!
  • Set goals. There is nothing wrong with thinking big!
  • Have a team!
  • Make it FUN!
  • Start each day with your health habit! 

Being consistent means dedicating yourself to your goals and staying focused on the things and activities to achieve your goals. Consistency requires a long-term commitment from you and involves sustained effort in doing actions repeatedly until you achieve your goals. Everyone slips up in their fitness journey at times, but you will see much more success if you remain consistent despite your setbacks and make the decision to be patient with your body. 

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4 Ways to Increase Your Consistency 

  • Plan and Schedule Your Workouts. Scheduling workouts on the same day every week will help with consistency.
  • Be Purposeful. Each and every workout should have a purpose.
  • Follow Your Plan as Best as you Can!
  • If You are Short on Time, Do a Shorter Workout!


Summer Blog Intense Tone Workout - What are we doing in today's Workout?

Good Mornings Alt Leg Back : Grab two weights and rest them on your shoulders. Take your body into a Good Morning with an alternating lunge back. Hold the two weights in your hands as you rest them on your shoulders. Go down into a Good Morning, squeezing your glutes in tight and as you come up take your leg back into a reverse lunge. Keep your feet hip width apart and push down into the ground. 45 seconds exercise and 15 seconds rest, as we keep adding our next move to this workout.

Gently squeeze as you push down into the ground. Keep the momentum going really well so you can really feel it in those hamstrings. Stay slow and controlled and nice and tall!

We are going to have FUN today and really crunch this workout!

Dumbell Swings to Squat : Keep your legs a bit wider apart for this exercise. You need one weight, holding it in both hands and bending your knees. Bring your knees up and swing up, go halfway up and then all the way up! As you swing up half way and go back down again, then swing again and go all the way to the top. Lift up through your chest and shoot your arms up. Bring your knees out to the side using a 5lb weight or heavier if you feel like a challenge! You will really feel it then! Inhale through your nose and exhale out. Focus on your legs as you step back, keeping your booty back and your hips tucked in. Go back up and gently release, feeling that tension in your upper body!

Every time you show up you have the ability to give it 110%!

Lateral Lunges : Come to the centre of your mat with two weights in your hands. Make sure your palms are facing each other with the weights pointing out in front of you. Take a lunge out to the side, feel that stretch and the pull of the inner thigh. Lift up and squeeze through your chest. Inhale through your nose and exhale out. Step out and step back in. Drop your shoulders down and remember every single time you show up you are building your consistency. Push your knee out to the side and then back in to the centre remembering to be slow and controlled with each and every move. Stick that booty back, work your core and keep going!

Diagonal front Raises : With one weight in both hands take it across your body to the diagonal. Then across your face and down to your hip. Shoot back up, take across your body and all the way through. Take it down, across your body and lift up through your chest. 3 2 1 and release! Pull your core in nice and tight!

This exercise really works your brain as well as your body!

Full Sit Up to Stand Up : Get into a sitting position on the mat with one weight and pull your body up to standing and then back down again to sitting! Bring your arms up over your head. squeeze your glutes, keep your chin lifted and your legs nice and wide. Keep pushing forward. stand up nice and strong and each time you will get a little more stronger. Push up and hold 3 2 1 and release. 

You did amazing today and should be on fire!

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