Starting a fitness plan? Here's what to expect!

Starting a fitness plan? Here's what to expect!

We all have to start somewhere: whether you've never committed to regular exercise or have an on-again/off-again relationship with physical activity (or work out all the time but want to try a new routine!), you might notice some things happening with your body right away...even after the first day! 


You're trying to get in shape, maybe slim down for a special event or better overall health, but all you can think about is your next food fix! Don't stress, it is a totally normal byproduct of breaking a sweat and it's important to not deprive yourself of proper nutrition because you're trying to reach a body goal. You need plenty of protein, good carbs, and beneficial fats to reap the rewards of exercise - this is why my BURN program includes daily meal plans with healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner options as well as three different light snack ideas to remind us to stay fed throughout the day. Your body will regulate the feeling of hunger more when your fitness program is in full swing! 


When the body is made to work harder than usual or in a different way that it normally operates, resulting microscopic damage to muscle fibers can lead to soreness & stiffness. Don't let the word "damage" fool you - this is the same process which will eventually create muscle tone and definition! The BURN fitness calendar has full-length workouts every day of the month, and each one includes a warmup and cooldown for this reason. We need to stretch out and target different areas of the body, both before and after an exercise session, in order to prevent injury and promote muscle repair. 


Get ready for better snoozing! It might feel like this new exercise plan is zapping your energy levels, though it's only because your body isn't used to the physical exertion. Sticking to a fitness routine will help you fall asleep and stay asleep when you rest your head at the end of the day. 


Sweating more can lead to breakouts, though there are plenty of ways to prevent spots from popping up. Perspiration itself won't cause acne, but these things will:

- touching your face or body during a workout can spread bacteria from the environment onto your skin

- using towels or clothes that aren't fresh out of the laundry can initiate an eruption, and if you have a clean cloth on hand, definitely don't set it on the floor or drape it over dirty gym equipment (and avoid using washing detergents with harsh chemicals)

- wearing makeup while exercising can clog pores in a big way, so make sure to get your face squeaky clean before the sweating starts (having wipes on hand is so convenient!)



Mentally! Fire up your fitness ambitions and follow through with a plan. You will feel amazing knowing that you've stayed dedicated to your program! And if you want answers to all your exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, and motivation questions, you can check out all the BURN education articles with a 7 day free trial! 


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