Standing Abs Workout

Standing Abs Workout

I loved seeing everyone who came out to the fit camps in Huntington Beach this past Tuesday and Friday! I'm so happy to share these weekly events with you and connect face to face 😊 Don't forget that you can be part of these workouts too!! 👊🏼 Check out this Instagram post for all the details ✨  

What workouts do you want to see more of? Do you have ideas for Wake Up Wednesday videos? I want to hear ALL of your suggestions! Make sure to drop a comment on my most recent Youtube upload and let me know your suggestions! ❤ 

You asked, and asked, and now we're going to slim down that core with my STANDING ABS routine! Get ready to have those upper & lower abs and obliques fired up! Do the moves with me HERE

Make sure to tick off your completed workouts on the 30 Day Get Fit calendar and share the photo on Instagram (tag @ RebeccaLouiseFitness & mention me in the description so I can see!) so that you're entered into the August prize draw 🎉 I know you love these awesome giveaways and they just keep getting better!! 🎁  
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Vanessa Yepiz
Vanessa Yepiz
August 12, 2020

Loved the standing abs workout.