Slender Arms & Sculpt Upper Body

Slender Arms & Sculpt Upper Body

This video will help you get slender arms and sculpt your upper body. These exercises will help you achieve a toned upper body with sculpted arms, back and shoulders. Start with me and never lose motivation!

The workout will consist of:

  • Milk jugs
  • Walnut crushers
  • Scarecrow
  • 45 back pulses to inner pulses
  • Bicep curl to lateral arm extensions
  • Row to tricep extensions
  • Goal posted punches
  • Chest press with pulses
  • Single leg drop to double leg drop
  • Low plank to high plank narrow push up
  • V-sit bicep curls
  • Flys 5 second hold

*reverse with these exercises:

  • Single arm overhead press to double
  • Single leg drop to double leg drop


  • V-sit bicep in and outs
  • Russian twists
  • Wide push to high plank

Check it out here:


If your arms aren't too sore, let me know what you thought of this upper body workout below!

Get the full 28 minute version here!

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Khushboo jain
Khushboo jain
August 26, 2020

My arms and thighs are too heavy i want workout to reduce arm and thigh fat…

August 12, 2020

I started your workout in march 2020 and never stop I love them