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Total-Body Benefits of Low Impact Legs & Booty Workout

Following a Workout Plan : Keep in mind that every workout day will not be a day of intense training or insane mileage. Some days will involve hard training, but not all days need to be hard core! A well-structured workout plan will help prevent burnout because it should be changing every few weeks. If an added goal of yours is to build muscle, get stronger or improve your cardiovascular fitness, actually sticking to a well - established Workout Plan will make a world of difference. 

The biggest reason to follow a fitness program is so that you're challenging your body consistently in the right ways to meet your goals. This is how your body adapts and changes, ultimately improving your fitness. A Home Workout Plan needs a good structure and should never just be the same old workout over and over again. That's why the BTES App can provide a highly motivational and well - structured Working Out from Home Plan! Working out regularly is great for your body and mind and should be a goal unto itself. If you have another specific goal like losing weight, lowering body fat percentage or building muscle, your workouts are only part of the equation. Nutrition is a vital part of losing or gaining weight, adding muscle or burning fat. 

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Creating your Vision : A personal vision statement is a statement that describes your values, your strengths, and your goals. It can be focused on life or professional goals and it is intended to orient you towards your long-term dreams. 

What does it mean to create a vision?

Creating a vision puts meaning behind your goals. Instead of just setting small goals arbitrarily and hoping you end up in the right place, have a long-term destination to progressively move in the right direction. Having a vision provides a sense of purpose and direction your life and your business. Your vision will help you define your short and long-term goals and guide the decisions you make along the way. 

Your vision is your most important dream or mental picture. It can also be a set of dreams and long-term goals. A vision defines the optimal desired future state. It tells of what you would like to achieve over a longer time. Your personal vision guides you in your life when you set goals and need to make decisions every day. When creating your personal vision, reflect from different perspectives and think of what you desire to have, be, give and do. How could you contribute to this world, impact and help your inner circle, your community or even people on this planet? Thinking of this often reveals your real purpose in life.

Visualising will get you closer to your goals.

First, a vision inspires you and gives you energy. It guides and eventually gives all of your efforts a purpose. Coming to terms with your “why” connects you with your core values and roots you. Your vision unlocks your deepest motivations. Making the connection between your deepest heartfelt values and your everyday work will make you unstoppable.

Second, it provides guidance in a world of choices. It enables you to focus on what to do as well as not what to do, for those achievements five, ten years or further in the future. When you are clear about your vision and goals, it is easier to say yes wholeheartedly or say no with an acceptable reason and no fear of rejection.

A life vision is a big picture and has many components that make up what you want your daily life to look like. This might include - spiritual connection, family and friends, health and wellness, mental, emotional and personal growth, love and relationships, career, finance and business. Create that vision for yourself today! Think about that Vision for yourself, your career, relationships, friendships and health.

Jim Rohn always said ''Without Vision We Perish.''


Low Impact Legs & Booty Workout - What are we doing in today's workout?!

Single Leg RDL to Forward Lunge L & R Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent with one weight in your hand. Use your body to create a hinge action, keeping one leg steady as you move the other leg back and you move your arm down. Keep your back naturally arched and hinge your hips, holding the weight with one leg going back, as you move your body your arms go down at the same time. Keep your shoulders back and your core engaged, working those glutes and hamstrings. Bring the weight in front of you and do a Donkey Kick back!  Use your core to bring your leg back in. Make your lunges nice and wide and take your leg to the edge and squeeze. Hold, bring up and release. Repeat the same steady, controlled movement and lower your torso until it's almost parallel to the floor. As your body comes down and your legs go higher each time, you are then really working on shaping and toning those thighs. Shake out your legs and take to the other side. Engage and hold this position, gently inhale in and exhale out.

45 seconds exercise and 15 seconds rest!

Single Lunge to 45 DegreesWith two weights push out to the side. Stand on the edge of your mat, lift up and push down. Move to the side and bend your front leg, keeping your back leg straight. Push your knee out to the side, tuck your hips in and 'Smile Through It!' Tell yourself 'I Got this!' Lunges are a lower body exercise that strengthens virtually all of your leg muscles as well as your glutes, while also getting your heart rate up to help you burn fat. Lunges activate all the leg muscles and train your lower body to fire and enable you to feel the BURN!

Do you visualise yourself crushing this workout?

Alternating Lunges to Swing RDLGo out to the side and lift your chest up and move into a Sumo Squat as you come back to the centre. Pull your core in tight and step out to the side. Keep your legs nice and wide in the lunge and squeeze your glutes. Lunge out to the side, pushing all the time with your chest lifted and push down into the ground. Go down for 3 and squeeze! Bend your knees and tuck your hips in under. Push up through your chest and breathe!

To finish this workout come down on one knee and move up and down. Tuck your hips in underneath, bend your knees and go down. Use two weights and lift up through your chest. Keep your legs apart, bend your front leg and back leg as you go down each time. Get the full straight extension as you do this exercise. Take out to the other side and tap down. Make sure both hips are facing towards the edge of your mat.

Keep pushing forward and creating that vision for yourself - because you can! Keep yourself connected to what is important and what you want in life.

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