Let's work those abs and back muscles to get a sexy toned figure! Do your best during this workout and feel free to do the modifications if you need to. Over time you are going to improve and get stronger and stronger each time! No one starts out at their prime, but sooner or later you'll be wanting to do this workout again and again, and maybe even adding in weights to make it more difficult!

This workout will start with the shoulders and then we will make our way down to the abs. I've got some great movements that will help to open up the back and get those muscles looking lean and toned! After just a few minutes your back and shoulders are going to start to feel warm. Do your best and remember that you are strong and that you can do this!

During all of these exercises, you want to remember to stay tight and engaged while stretching your body. You will definitely feel the difference! Getting that sexy, fit body takes work, so stick with it and try incorporating this workout into your routine each week, along with my other workouts and the right nutrition!

There you have it! Your body should feel stretched out and a bit more loose, especially in the shoulders. Your abs might be burning a bit, and that's good because it means that you worked hard for those whole 10 minutes. Keep it up and just imagine what regular exercise and proper nutrition can do for you!

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