Resistance Bands Booty Pump Workout

Resistance Bands Booty Pump Workout

Grab your RESISTANCE BANDS ladies & feel the BURN! Are you Looking to get that booty pumped and in shape? Make sure to save this workout! We are going to target those GLUTES with our RESISTANCE BANDS BOOTY PUMP WORKOUT!

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Total-Body Benefits of the Resistance Bands Booty Pump Workout

Self - Reflection and Taking Responsibility : Self-Reflection is like looking into a mirror and describing what you see. It is a way of assessing yourself, your ways of working and how you function. Reflection means to think about something. Self-Reflection enables you to move from just experiencing, into understanding and encourages a level of self-awareness and consciousness about practice. It really will enable you to identify areas for improvement and also areas where you are strong.

Self- reflection is all about taking personal responsibility for why something has happened to you. Questioning your own beliefs and actions really will enable you to reflect and take that responsibility instead of blaming others! Get to know yourself and ask yourself What Did I Do? This personal growth will really help you understand and know what you could do better next time!

Results : You will start to feel better long before you see major fitness results.  We all want fast results when we start an exercise program, but we also know deep down that true progress takes time. Regular physical activity can improve your muscle strength and boost your endurance. Exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. When your heart and lung health improves, you have more energy to tackle daily chores. The BTES App has everything you need to get those results that you deserve from working out each and every day!

Motivation : It is especially important when it comes to exercise, getting fit, getting healthy or losing weight. As the saying goes 'a little motivation goes a long way.' It's important to know where your motivation comes from and that there are different types of motivation. There are external things that motivate you and then there are the internal desires that drive you.  It is the intrinsic motivation, that comes from within you that is key to getting those health and fitness results you desire. This is something important to you in the present time and you can take control of it today! It is not necessarily about future goals, it is more about the way you can work on yourself physically and emotionally to make yourself mentally stronger! So many benefits -

  • Exercising because it feels good
  • Loving that feeling after a workout
  • Working out because it relieves stress
  • Feeling good when your body gets stronger and you can do more than you did before
  • Enjoying exercise because it gives you time to think or zone out

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Resistance Bands Booty Pump Workout! What are we doing in today's workout?!

Leg Extensions L+R : Grab a long band and if you don't have one you can use ankle weights instead! Bring one foot into the back of the band and hold the other end in your opposite hand! Have one knee on the mat as you stretch your body out horizontally. Lift your leg up and down holding the band in position on the mat with your opposite hand. 3 2 1 breathe and release! Stay on the same side as you take your body up and down making those pulses. Flex that foot and keep pulsing! You can make it more challenging by pulling the band further in front of you. Lift up a bit more each time through your chest. you should really be able to feel it now in your glutes. Squeeze those glutes up and down, you got this!

Leg Lift Pulses L+R : Go back onto your knees, rest, relax and sit on your booty as you get ready for this next exercise!

In the same position as before with the long band take your leg from one side to the other in a diagonal movement. Repeat and tap each side of the mat with your foot as you take your leg from one side to the other and as you move your leg across the mat. The more you bring your foot across the mat the more you will feel it. Gently release. Switch the band over to the other side and repeat the same exercises. 

Take it into the diagonal pulses and then the diagonal taps. Do 45 seconds on the clock and then switch to the other side. Pull the band tight in front of you to get the best results. Keep your leg straight and steady as you do lift up and down pulses. Remembering to keep your body steady too! Then go back into those diagonal taps, taking it nice and wide with each and every diagonal tap! 

Your Booty will be on FIRE! Do Not Give Up!

Give yourself a smile because you made it here! Every Rep Counts!

Bridge Walk In& Out Pulses : Use a shorter resistance band above both knees. Lie on your back, lift your booty up and walk your legs out and back in. Keep your body in a Bridge position, pushing your heels down into the ground. Push your hips up higher and lift your body up as you go into those pulses! Push your hips out to the side, pushing the band out as far as you can to the side! Gently squeeze up and down, bringing your knees in and then rest for 10 seconds! Keep that Bridge position as you walk in and out. alternate each leg as you come back in, really try and get that leg extension!

Keep it going!

3 Second Down Bridge : Stay in the same Bridge position, pushing your knees out to the side. Keep your feet apart and holding the band firmly in place above your knees. Lift your body up and down, keep pushing those hips up and down at the same time! Have your arms by your side flat on the mat. Do one more and gently release. Pull all the way back up and sit on your booty, relax and rest!

Give this 10 minute workout routine or get the full 30 minute workout on the BTES App! 


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