I hope you enjoyed the Cirque du Soleil-inspired workout that I shot in the Dominican Republic with ClubMed. After the issue I had with the camera, I am glad that there were three videos that turned out okay! By the time I got around to filming this last one, (by the way, this was the second take), the temperature was so hot that I was sliding all over my mat!

I took the workout inside my room and I'm so glad I did because 1) there was air conditioning and 2) you can see just how cool the rooms are! This was actually one of my favorite rooms I had stayed in to date, mostly because of the layout and space. Yet the biggest surprise was the sound system. Everywhere I go I am listening to music, and the first thing I do when I arrive somewhere is connect my Bluetooth up to my music. This place had speakers all over, even in the loo and shower!

This workout can be done with or without a resistance band, so if you don't have one, not to worry, you can still work out! If you are looking for one, they can be found at most sports stores and online. There are different variations of elasticity. If you are brand new to working with this equipment, find one that is more stretchy. As you improve and the exercises become easier, you can increase the strength of your band.

Arrived ???????? I always feel bloated when I get off an airplane and this time was no different.. had my trousers undone most the journey ???? my feet get at least two sizes bigger too! @clubmed @clubmedpuntacana #clubmed #clubmedpuntacana


There is so much information online about what exercises are best and when to do them that it can get overwhelming. Trust me I know, that's why I don't search for other ways because I have found what works for me and that's what I am going to stick to! My advice to you would be to do the same, find workouts that you love to do and stick to them. If you need help with staying on track, I created a fitness calendar with my videos that gives you 30 minutes of exercise to do each day to tone your body, improve flexibility and increase overall fitness.

Let me know how you found this workout and if you would like to see workouts with more equipment. If so, what equipment do you want to see?!


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Rebecca Royter
Rebecca Royter
November 12, 2018

Can you please do more mini band resistances workouts.