Quick Sweat Total Body Sculpt Workout

Quick Sweat Total Body Sculpt Workout

You may not be able to move after this BURNER! Pick up your equipment and get ready to SCULPT your Upper and Lower Body with this QUICK SWEAT TOTAL BODY SCULPT Workout! Add this to your workout routine and do for 30 days to start seeing results!

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Total-Body Benefits of Quick Sweat Total Body Sculpt Workout

Resistance Bands : Resistance Bands may look like nothing more than a few feet of latex or rubber. In actual fact they are much more than that! They are sophisticated pieces of exercise equipment that you can use to improve muscle strength, tone, and flexibility. When you use resistance bands, you develop strong glutes that will prevent injury, especially when it comes to the lower back.  When you work on both these muscle groups, your back issues and other muscle issues are likely to improve. 

Resistance bands -

  • are a means of strengthening and stretching your muscles. The strength gains from using Resistance Bands are similar to training with weights!
  • can be used to build muscle as they recruit stabilizing muscle groups and provide extra intensity to already challenging body-weight exercises.
  • they can even increase the stabiliser muscles to a greater extent than weight training. 
  • definitely help build muscle! 

You can absolutely build muscle with resistance bands. All your muscles need to grow is tension, adequate recovery, and muscle adaption & progressive overload. Building muscle can be achieved with bodyweight-only exercises, but resistance bands will increase your capacity for muscle growth. Resistance Bands help you improves flexibility, strengthens muscles and keeps you balanced. Exercising with Resistance Bands helps boosts your brain function, varies the intensity of your workout and makes you Up Your Game!

You can purchase our Amazing BTES Long Band Set Tropical Collection to help you get those results! Long bands are a super versatile piece of equipment, but particularly great for helping you to tone those arms. It’s time to spice up your workouts! 


Embracing Positivity and Gratitude in Everything : Positive thoughts can actually create real value in your life and help you build skills that last much longer than a smile. Positive thinking is very beneficial for our mental health, primarily because it eliminates any form of paranoia and negative thoughts that can cause depression and stress. The process is actually a domino effect in terms of our overall health. Those who think positively feel happier and more contented with their lives. Positive thinking can lead to enhanced creativity, staying focused, problem-solving skills and overall mental productivity. 

How to think positive thoughts

  • Focus on the good things. Challenging situations and obstacles are a part of life. 
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Open yourself up to humor
  • Spend time with positive people
  • Practice positive self-talk
  • Identify your areas of negativity
  • Start every day on a positive note

Give yourself Grace and Gratitude for showing up today and for doing this workout. The confidence you gain physically helps you each and every day in wherever life takes you! Working on your physical self goes hand in hand with your inner body - love yourself inside and out. Give Yourself Grace for how far you have come! Feeling that gratitude is everything and is what your positivity comes from. Having gratitude for everything that happens in your life makes us a happy person.

Happy people take 100% responsibility with Zero Excuses!

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Quick Sweat Total Body Sculpt Workout - What are we doing in today's workout?!

Across Body Pulls with Pulse L & R : Use a long resistance band with one foot holding it firmly on the mat. Stand up tall with your foot in the band and holding in your hand on the same side. Twist your body and take your arm with the band across your body so that you can really feel that resistance. Keep your arm slightly bent at the elbow and rest on your hip. Pulse up and then move it across your body. Take it over to the other side. Keep your arm as straight as you can. Pulse on the outside, across your body and pause. Then take it back. You will feel the crunch in your body as you take it across. Drop your shoulders down, inhale through your nose and exhale everything out!

Keep your ankle weights on for the second set!

Squat Pulses to Overhead Press : Add a short band for this exercise and bring it over both legs just above your knees. You also need two light 5 lb weights! Go down and push out to the side squeezing your glutes in tight! Do two pulses and push into your heels and then push both weights up to the sky. Keep your knees out and your shoulders down. Hold 1 2 3 and release. Inhale through your nose and exhale everything out. Engage your core as you stand up tall.

Keep those ankle weights on for the second set.

Forward Lunge Front Leg Lift L & R : You need to add ankle weights on both ankles for this next exercise. Facing forward bring your legs nice and wide and do this exercise for 45 seconds on each side. Bring your right leg forward, move into a lunge position and lift your front leg up slightly. Lift up and feel your body sculpting with every single push that you do. Push your knees out to the side and then push up. Try and get your back knee nearer to the ground each time! Release and switch to the other side. Push down and lift up. Push down again and lift up. This exercise will also really work your core even more as you need to work on your balance too! You should be able to really feel your glutes working.

Make it even more challenging by bringing your knee back down closer to the mat.

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