Powerful Total Body Strengthening Exercises

Powerful Total Body Strengthening Exercises

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Total-Body Benefits of the Powerful Total Body Strengthening Exercises

Balance : Better body balance makes it easier to move and helps prevent injury. It really is so important to practice balance at all ages. Having that kinaesthetic awareness and the ability to know where your body parts are in three-dimensional space, is required for every movement we make. Nearly all activities that keep you on your feet and moving, such as walking, can help you maintain good balance. 

5 Great Reasons to Improve Your Balance...

  • To prevent injury
  • Improve balance in other body areas other than you legs
  • Enhance your performance 
  • Balance can make you smarter and feel in control
  • You have No Excuses to say you can't do something!

Ankle Weights : Ankle weights are one of the most essential tools in creating toned, lean legs and a lifted butt. The added weight allows the muscles to activate and work. They will help you gain a strong lower half and a stable centre, Simply by adding ankle weights, you will gain a strong lower half and a stable centre. Your heart rate will increase even more, ankle weights have been shown to help increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat percentage. Ankle weights crank up the intensity on your workout and this will get your metabolism working in overdrive. With the advantages of stronger legs, a stable core and a boost in endurance, you’ll also gain the ability to walk and run with ease! The benefits of using Ankle Weights are amazing!

  • Your legs & booty will strengthen
  • The intensity of your workout will increase
  • You will build greater muscle strength and endurance
  • Walking & Running will feel easier
  • Your Metabolism will be boosted

Self - Belief & Overcoming those Limiting Beliefs : We are all different and we are all on our own personal journey. Think about where you are now and where you want to be? Try something and give it a go! Be confident! By closing that gap you can really focus on your own journey in overcoming those limiting beliefs.

Fear is a figment of your imagination and nothing more! 

Affirmations are a great way to move past your self-limiting beliefs. Repeating a positive statement regularly at the start of every day or as beliefs start to bubble to the surface, will  really help to reset your mind and take away those negative beliefs. Each of us has the power to choose and to direct our thoughts in any direction we want.

Ways to overcome those limiting beliefs...

  • Think Positive
  • Take Action
  • Keep Good Company & surround yourself with the people that you want to be with
  • Believe in Yourself
  • Be Inspired
  • Be Gracious
  • Have that Grit and Determination! 

Self - Belief is one step out of your comfort zone! So work on strengthening your mind and body!

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Powerful Total Body Strengthening Exercises! What are we doing in today's workout?!

Curtsey Squat Leg Lifted L & R : Grab an ankle weight and wrap it around your ankle. Keep it nice and tight, start with a little curtsey and then extending your leg back up. Hold your hands together, central to your body. Lift up through the chest and push up. Extend your leg up high and lift up and down. Push down into the ground, squeeze and lift up. Grab hold of the other ankle weight and wrap around your other leg. Keep your body steady and push your knee out to the side. Spread your toes out nice and wide into the mat, as this will really help and improve your balance, as well as giving great body support! Inhale and exhale, keep your momentum going in a slow and controlled way. Keep that leg lifted up to really feel the BURN!

Squat Heel Raises Forward Press : Grab hold of one weight and hold it in both hands. Take into a Squat Heel Raise and pull out. Stay in a squat position for the duration of this exercise. Bring your elbows out to the side, bring your heels down and pull your core in tight. Keep going down lower each time, inhale and exhale with every move. Be powerful with your movement 3 2 1 and release! Pull your core in tight, bring your heels up and lift out to the side. You got this!

Across Body Oblique Standing Crunches : Keep the ankle weights on and if you want to use an extra weight in your hands please do! Take the weight across your body, bring your knee up high and then take it back. This will really test your balance.. do 45 seconds on each side. Bring the weight across your body and extend. You will really feel it in your supporting leg. Believe! Extend your arms out nice and long. Use those obliques to crunch across your body. Give this a go, do not panic if you loose your balance! Bend your front leg down as you move and bring forward on your other leg. Push the weight out in front of your body, extend your arms out and release!

Give this 10 minute workout routine or get the full 30 minute workout on the BTES App!


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