Pilates Yoga Workout

Pilates Yoga Workout

It's the festive holiday season and I know we are all eating lots of yummy treats and trying to stay warm in the cold so this week to keep your body moving we have the perfect Pilates Yoga Christmas workout for you. And you don't want to miss Alphie in his 'outfit'!

I am still waiting to get my Christmas tree so yesterday I went out to get a few festive decorations to make my house look and feel a little more seasonal! I have great outfits for the dogs though that I will be posting on my Instagram lol ;-)

Very excited for us all to be going onto the New Year stronger than we were last year. I always learn so much each year and believe the future 365 days are going to be better than the previous!

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Laura Brown
Laura Brown
August 02, 2019

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