Our New Year Body BOOTCAMP!

Our New Year Body BOOTCAMP!

We are so excited to start 2019 feeling amazing with goal-crushing workouts, great nutrition, motivation, and mindset practices to keep us on track with balanced & healthy lifestyle habits!

The FIRST video of my BRAND NEW bootcamp series will be released on Youtube January 7th, and every Monday of the month after that. If you're a member of my BURN program, you can access all the new, full-length versions of these videos on our daily workout calendar - whenever you want!!

The team and I have put together a very special PDF for you which has recipes, tips, and advice for making the most out of this new year. PLUS you can win prizes for completing the bootcamp series with us! We want to follow along with you every step of the way - make sure to tag your posts with #NYBurnBootcamp , @burn , and @rebeccalouisefitness so that everyone can see your progress and get to know you better! 

This PDF is like a mini workbook to keep us focused on what is really important: feeling amazing. Whether your goals are more internal or external (or both), we're here to support you throughout this journey! We all have something we can work on to make 2019 a year of positive change and growth. So let's be the best version of ourselves together! 

You join the FREE New Year Body Bootcamp HERE & get a code for 10% off the store when you sign up!

We can't wait to start this series with you!!! 


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