No Squats Lower Body Workout

No Squats Lower Body Workout

Are those SQUATS hurting your knees? no worries, I got you! This NO SQUATS LOWER BODY WORKOUT will help tone your lower body, that butt, thighs and legs are about to be on fire and ready to rock that Bikini!

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Total-Body Benefits of the No Squats Lower Body Workout - A great workout for Calf Muscles and Inner Thighs!

Motivation : Is especially important when it comes to exercise, getting fit, getting healthy or losing weight. As the saying goes 'a little motivation goes a long way.' It's important to know where your motivation comes from and that there are different types of motivation. There are external things that motivate you and then there are the internal desires that drive you.  It is the intrinsic motivation, that comes from within you that is key to getting those health and fitness results you desire. This is something important to you in the present time and you can take control of it today! It is not necessarily about future goals, it is more about the way you can work on yourself physically and emotionally to make yourself mentally stronger! Intrinsic or internal motivation can include ...

  • Exercising because it feels good
  • Loving that feeling after a workout
  • Working out because it relieves stress
  • Feeling good when your body gets stronger and you can do more than you did before
  • Enjoying exercise because it gives you time to think or zone out

Peak State & a Great Mindset : A peak state is a state of readiness and positivity. When you are in your peak state, you feel energised, focused and ready to conquer the world. It is so important to understand the concept of peak state and how to achieve it, because it can change your perspective on everything.  Having a self-trust mindset can really benefit your well - being and support your mental health. To do anything great, you have to be able to trust yourself and believe in your capabilities. Success is not something that just happens but something that you create. You have to have the confidence to banish any negative voices in your head. Positive thinking is a mental and emotional attitude that focuses on the bright side of life and expects positive results. Having a positive mindset means making positive thinking a habit, continually searching for the silver lining and making the best out of any situation you find yourself in.

Staying Hydrated : Drinking enough water each day is crucial for many reasons and is fundamental to maintaining a healthy lifestyle . Staying well hydrated will regulate your body temperature, keep your joints lubricated, prevent infections, deliver nutrients to cells and keep your organs functioning properly. Being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality, cognition and mood. Extra water can replace empty, sugary calories that many people drink with meals. Water can also speed up your metabolism and it takes up space in your stomach so you feel more full. 

Top 5 Benefits of Drinking Water 

  • Increases energy and relieves fatigue. As your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you think, focus, concentrate better and enables you to be more alert.
  • Supports weight loss
  • Flushes out toxins in your body
  • Improves skin complexion
  • Maintains a water balance throughout your body and protects you from dehydration.

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No Squats Lower Body Workout - What are we doing in today's workout?!

Romanian Deadlift : Stand with your 2 weights in front of you and with your feet hip-width apart. Bend your knees, hinge your hips back to squat down and pick up the weights. Keep your chest lifted and pulled in tight, spine elongated, shoulders pressing down and abdominals engaged. Come to a standing position by straightening your knees and moving your hips forward in a hinge position. Keep your palms turned in toward your body, move down slowly and firmly hold the weights down. Lift up your chest to activate your abs constantly throughout the deadlift to protect your lower back. Squeeze and sink back with your hips. Bend your knees and push down into the ground. Squeeze in again  tightly at the top. Engage and hold this position, gently inhale in and exhale out.  Feel the Burn with this exercise!

Standing Leg Pulses - Left & Right : Stand up nice and tall and extend your right leg out to the side. Work one leg at a time and this will really work on your core strength. A standing leg pulse is an extremely versatile exercise since you can do it pretty much anywhere. As you lift your right leg up off the floor with the foot flexed, inhale and shift the weight into your left foot.  Side leg raises involve abducting, or pushing away, the leg from your midline. It's a great and simple way to build strength in the outer thighs and the hips, as well as those glutes! Squeeze your glute muscles tight, you will really feel those muscles engage and you will be able to feel that strength in your glutes! Do the same again on your left leg and push your weight onto your right leg. Lift your left leg up and down, pulling your core in tight. Keep and hold your balance and keep your arm out to the side. Lift and release!

Alt Balancing Stick : Stand facing forward with your feet together. Extend one leg back and squeeze your arms out in front, holding one weight in both hands. Extend through the heel and hinge back letting your arms come forward. Using the strength in your legs really hold and feel that balance! This is one fluid motion moving your leg back and your arm out in front. Keep your hips engaged, making sure they are well tucked in!

Fire Hydrants Circles - Left & Right Start on your hands and knees with your weights tucked behind your knee. Place your shoulders above your hands and your hips above your knees. Tighten your core and look down. Bend your knee and push out to the side in a Fire Hydrant action. Squeeze the weight in tightly at the back of your knee and try and make the circle higher, going out to the side. Hold your belly button in and lift up through your chest. Lift your left leg away from your body at a 45-degree angle, making circles in a slow and controlled way. Keep your knee at 90 degrees, as you bring your knee out to the side. Lower your leg to starting position to complete, rest and repeat with the other leg.  Push down into your hands, push your knee out and keep it lifted. Point your toes and make nice circles, keeping your knee high in the sky! Your booty should be tingling!

Glute Bridge Walks : Lie on your back and you can use one or two heavier weights for this exercise. Move into a bridge position by bending your knees and positioning your feet firmly on the mat, ensuring that they are hip-width apart and your spine is in a firm position. Press your heels into the mat, activate your glutes and raise your pelvis off the floor until your body forms one straight line from chin to knee, resting on your shoulders. As you lift your body up and down do a crab walk, slowly and in a controlled action. To get the full range of motion tuck your hips in and inhale through your nose, hold 1, 2, 3 release and exhale out. Glute Bridge Walks really work the hamstrings, lower back, abs, as well as those glutes. Many of the benefits are that of a squat as well as not putting any pressure on the lower back. This is also a great exercise for people who are unable to squat due to back, hip or knee pain. 

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