Never Give Up Butt Lift & Tighten

Never Give Up Butt Lift & Tighten

These are the best exercises I lift your butt and give you that heart shaped booty. You can add weights to make it more challenging and I give modifications for each move, now is not the time to give up, find your GRIT and push through it! 👊🏻 This is the best butt lift workout!

The workout will consist of:

  • Band circle walks
  • Deadlift to alternating leg extension
  • Repeaters to squat
  • Cross over single leg squat L+R
  • Sweep through weight pulses at top L+R
  • Hip thrust walk out
  • In and out pulses
  • Butterfly lifts
  • Band circles backwards
  • Wide deadlift to squat pulse

Check it out here:


I know your booty is about to feel this one! Let me know what your favorite part was!

Get the full 28 minute version here!

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