Moves to boost creativity!

Moves to boost creativity!

Have a serious case of writer's block? Sometimes our brain hits a wall when it comes to transferring words from our brain to paper. It can be stressful when we need to be productive and meet important deadlines. Ladies, leave the stress at the door! I’m going to give you the perfect moves to help get those creative juices flowing!  

Alright, it’s time to turn your world upside down for a second! We’re gonna get the blood flowing to our head. In this pose, it’s like our brain is pressing the “refresh” button. Your focus will increase and give you mental clarity! If you’re a beginner, I recommend that you try downward-facing dog. Yes, this is still an inversion since your head is below your heart. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a headstand! The trick to balancing in a headstand is to use the core. Can’t seem to stay up? It’s ok to rest your legs against a wall. 


Now it’s time to lay down on your belly and open that beautiful heart of yours. As soon as you open your heart up, it’ll help reduce your feelings of anxiety and stress. Also, you're going to expand your lungs in this pose, filling your body with oxygen that boosts creativity in the brain. My tip for this pose is to slowly make your arms straight, so you’ll open your heart and lungs to your body's edge. 


Open your body and your mind will follow. In this position, you’re gonna reach your hands back, bend them back and try to reach your ankles. If you cannot reach the ankles, no biggie. Just place your hands on your lower back and open that chest. In this pose, you’re going to open your body. This should help to get your creativity flowing & sharpen your problem-solving skills! Get ready to detox all of the negative energy out of your body. 


Do you have tight hips? This pose might be a challenge for you! Accept the challenge to receive all the benefits :-) This pose will relieve you from all the tension you have been holding inside you. We carry emotions in the hips, so let them flow out. When we let go of all the emotions that aren’t serving us, we can think clearly. 


Are you just sitting in front of your computer screen waiting for ideas to come to mind? Sometimes we have to change our environment to have new thoughts flow. Take yourself out of that situation and get some fresh air. Have you ever focused so hard on focusing it just doesn’t get you anywhere? Sometimes all we need is a mental break, so we can come back ready to get stuff done! 


The best way to do these moves is with a workout mat that supports your body! Check out my BURN mat in the shop. It’s thick enough to protect your body and light enough to take anywhere. 

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