Moves For A Flatter Tummy Workout

Moves For A Flatter Tummy Workout

Who is ready to get snatched?! If you are looking to get a FLAT TUMMY this Workout Routine consists of the BEST MOVES TO GET A FLATTER TUMMY and SIX PACK ABS in 30 Days! You may not be able to laugh for a few days but it Will be worth it!

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Total-Body Benefits of Moves For A Flatter Tummy Workout

Core Strengthening : Improves your balance and stability and these core exercises in this workout will help train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work together. The core muscles spare the spine from excessive load and help to transfer force from the lower body to the upper body and vice versa. Having a strong, stable core will help you in preventing injuries and will allow you to perform at your very best! Core Strengthening can also eliminate back pain. A body that is aligned and upright will make you less prone to have back pain. It also enables you to improve and have a really strong upright posture.

In everyday life some of the many benefits of Core Strengthening are...

  • Everyday acts
  • On-the-job tasks
  • A healthy back
  • Sports and other pleasurable activities
  • Housework, DIY and gardening
  • Balance and stability
  • Good posture

Abs Building : Strong abdominal muscles can do your body a world of good and especially help in maintaining good posture. Ab exercises can prevent lower back pain and abdominal strength improves the endurance of the muscles of your back, so you fatigue less easily and are less vulnerable to strain or injury. Your abs play a large role in supporting your back and affecting the tilt of the pelvis - meaning the stronger your abs, the stronger the support. By simply engaging in simple abs routines you can build a stronger abdominal support system to prop up your spine and improve your posture even more! With an improved posture, you'll be able to stand tall with your arms and legs in proper alignment, thereby reducing the possibility of stressing your back till it starts to ache. Strong, resilient abdominals ensure that your overall body is kept in shape so that if you ever trip, fall off or lose your step the potential for injuries will be less severe.

All our daily activities, including bending, twisting, walking, limping, sitting and getting up, all require the strength of our core. When you have a less-than-strong-enough core, it can becomes strenuous doing some of these basic things. So work on those Abs! When you exercise your abs regularly, it will give you the abdominal strength and endurance, you need to be able to do your daily routines with relative ease.

Boosting your Morale and Making you Feel Confident : When you have the confidence in yourself and believe in yourself everything will just get better and better and you will see things more clearly! Confidence really does play a crucial role in the self-love department. When you feel better about yourself, you tend to look better and act accordingly in your day-to-day mannerisms. Confidence in your own skin is what you make of it, rather than how your skin actually looks. At the end of the day the best thing you can do for your confidence is just to take care of yourself, not to overdo it and to take small steps to make it manageable!

Take time to move your body, develop an eating style that works for you and makes you happy! Treat yourself by getting pampered at a spa with facials and massages, detox your body, your social media, your wardrobe, edit your contact list, get a new hairstyle, have a new mani-pedi or even better– have your own at-home spa pampering session and take special time for yourself. It doesn't have to cost money! Lots of Self-Care is completely free!

Other great ways to take care of your mind, body and spirit can be to take the morning off, wrap up the day early or take the night off to do whatever you want that doesn’t mean work or productivity. Be present in the moment!

How to Reboot and Boost Your Morale is essential in your Confidence Boosting Journey. Try to ...

  • Get to the root of the problem. If you're struggling to stay positive, it's time to ask yourself why?
  • Find meaning and purpose. Ask yourself, what does your job mean to you? Don't 'Get Stuck in a Rut'
  • Ask for feedback
  • Learn something new
  • Build your network
  • Find Inspiration by taking care of your body and treating it to a healthy, holistic lifestyle benefits all areas of your life. Never ever ever feel guilty for taking some time out just to serve you! If you don’t take care of you, who will?

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Moves For A Flatter Tummy Workout - What are we doing in today's workout?!

Overbridge Taps : This bridge exercise isolates and strengthens your glute muscles and hamstrings, which are the main muscles that make up the posterior chain. Drop down to the ground and lie down to your elbows with your legs together. Tap your legs from side to side and come down as low as you can. Squeeze your core in tight and lift your body up. Do two reps of 40 seconds exercise and 20 seconds rest. Use your core to keep your body steady and and stable and take from side to side. Tighten your abdominal and buttock muscles by pushing your low back into the ground before you push up. Squeeze your core and pull your belly button back toward your spine. Crush those 40 seconds!

Single Leg Circles L & R The benefits of this exercise are that it really strengthens your core, quads and hamstrings and it promotes a healthy hip joint. It's a great opportunity to work the abdominals while keeping the Pilates principles of centering, concentration, control, precision, breath and flow together. It is important to take the leg over the body but not the hip. That's your first motion. Continue the circle all the way down to the other ankle around and back up to the top. Engage your core and press your back into the floor. Lower your leg to the floor and repeat with the opposite leg. Keep your hands directly underneath your shoulders and extend your leg out high. Keep your left leg on the ground and your knee bent. Take your right leg out and make circles and you will really feel the tightness in your core. Hold your hands behind your head and pull your belly button in towards your core. Breathe in through your nose and exhale out through your mouth. Keep your head up with one arm holding your head steady and your other arm out to the side.All of the tension needs to be in your core and not your thigh!

Bird Dog In & Out The Bird Dog is a simple core exercise that improves stability, encourages a neutral spine and relieves low back pain. It strengthens your core, hips and back muscles as well as promoting proper posture and an increased range of motion. You need one resistance band for this exercise and the band needs to be in between your thighs. Face down and keep your arms straight. With your knees firmly on the ground lift your legs and keep your toes firmly on the mat. Move in and out feeling the strength of the band. Push down onto your hands and push your knees out to the side. Maintain a neutral spine by engaging your abdominal muscles. Draw your shoulder blades together and push as hard as you can. Challenge yourself!

Alt Side Plank with Dip : Get strong and keep the line of your body straight! Lie on your side and lift your body up. Lift your arm up and squeeze and change from one side to the other, in a steady and controlled way. Use your hands to support your body and core. With your neck neutral, breathe out and brace your core. Lift your hips off the mat so that you’re supporting your weight on your elbow and the side of your right foot. Your body should be in a straight line from your ankles to your head. Hold this position for the duration of the exercise. Repeat on your left side. Support your head with your hand as you move from side to side. Get the dip and the full range of motion as you take it across your body and extend. stay strong and work hard across your body. Release!

Wide Leg Reach Through Lay down on your mat on a flat surface. Extend your legs up to the sky and drop your arms to the left, the right and then to the centre. Twist from side to side. dropping your legs down lower as you do this exercise keeping your legs wide apart. Lift up through your chest and squeeze with every rep. Hold your hands together and point your finger out as you move. Squeeze your knees in toward your chest. Pull your belly button down towards the floor to engage your core and contract your stomach muscles as you move through this exercise.

45 In & Out with Band : Position your resistance band around the top of your thighs. Lie on your back and have your knees at 90 degrees, scoop and bring your legs lower down to your feet. This really will strengthen your core and you should be able to feel that happening! Hold your belly button in, 'Your Tummy will Tremble!' Pull your core in tight and make little pushes in and out. Drop your legs down further and keep your elbows out to the side. tuck your hips in underneath your body and really Feel the Burn!

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