Lower Body Workout with Cory Scott!

Lower Body Workout with Cory Scott!

It was double trouble for us in terms of eating cake this past weekend because it was Cory's birthday and we went to a wedding! I had to go up to the dance floor and catch the bouquet. I am not going to lie I felt a little awkward and wanted the ground to swallow me up! I am the only firefighter wife who isn't married!

Both of us are getting excited for the end of month because we're leaving for our next big trip together ✈ We've been keeping busy in the meantime and I have exciting news coming up for you very soon!! 

Grab a partner and get ready to crush my new LOWER BODY workout! Take a guess who my featured guest is! 👫 

Even if you're doing this one solo, you'll be feeling the burn in your booty, thighs, and calves 🍑👖 Check out the video and start toning up with us HERE!



Have you started our September calendar yet?? 🤩 All new fun workouts and autumn-themed recipes will get shake you out of those back to school blues 💥

You’re going to feel more motivated than ever to shape up with our daily playlists and keep up with our Sunday meal prep! 🍳 I want to see those before and after photos at the end of the month!! 📸

And don't forget to tick off completed workouts for a chance to win $300 in amazing natural skincare products! 🙌🏼 Start your BURN 30 Day Get Fit FREE trial now!


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