Lower Back Workout

Lower Back Workout

You've been waiting for the next wellness retreat announcement, and I'm SO excited to spend time with those of you who have already signed up for our trip to Bali in 2019! 😍 The last retreat in Thailand was pure magic - we all learned so much about ourselves and came out of the experience feeling refreshed, energized, and inspired to make the most out of our time here on this big beautiful Earth ✨

Our time in Indonesia will be spent learning about the best nutrition & positive mindset practices, doing daily workouts, eating incredible organic meals, experiencing the culture, and going on unforgettable adventures 🏝 I want to see you there! 👋🏼 Learn more about our retreat HERE!

Want your belt to fit more loosely? My new Lower Back workout is going to help you get rid of that stubborn pudge around the top part of your jeans! Watch the video HERE!

Have you been ticking off your completed 30 Day Get Fit calendar days? You're going to get full-body toned with my daily exercise playlists and weekly recipes 🥑 everything is optimized to help you see results and stay in shape!

Whether you're woking towards a lean bikini body or want to get stronger & feel more energy, I've got you covered 💪🏼  Start your BURN 7 day FREE trial now!


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