Lose Back Fat & Fight the Bra Bulge Workout

July 16, 2017

Lose Back Fat & Fight the Bra Bulge Workout



Intense Abs was exactly what I needed to keep me tuned into my core all throughout this last week, and now we're going to balance out your upper half by focusing on the Chest and Back! That area under the armpits and reaching around towards the shoulder blades is a problem area for many people looking to shed a few pounds - this applies to both women and men!

Often times a workout routine may focus more closely on training arm muscles, though incorporating different parts of the trunk will dramatically improve your engagement with other forms of exercise.

Here are the exercise moves you can look for in this week's 10-minute video:





This routine is a great way to improve your posture and develop overall upper body strength. Strong pectoral muscles add height to the chest wall, lifting the chest and stacking the back in a way that lengthens the entire trunk. It is important to keep in mind that, like with all workout routines, balance is key! Focusing on chest exercises at the expense of other upper body strength may give the appearance of a rounded back, as tight pecs alone can pull those upper back muscles in towards your front and create a forward-slouch.

Imbalanced workout habits may ultimately lead to increased likelihood of injury or an inability to perform certain exercises with correct form. Some of us prefer to only pursue exercises that feel familiar or comfortable - it's time to kick this habit! Neglecting muscle groups like those within the chest and back can have serious structural consequences for the body, and if you're living with neck and shoulder pain then this could be a contributing factor! Mixing up your workout routine makes all fitness pursuits safer and more stable. I make sure to alternate exercise activities every day so that I'm channeling focus to all kinds of important and useful muscle groups, and this is the reason so many people get great results on my 30 DAY GET FIT PLAN! 

Some people ask me why they're not reaching their fitness goals as quickly as they'd like, and I respond by suggesting that this could be due to dietary reasons! I always emphasize that my program is based upon the principle of 80% nutrition and 20% fitness. The time it takes to see results can vary because your individual body type and DNA contribute to a system-wide cell makeup which determines your physique, though healthy lifestyle habits can make you feel better even if your outward appearance takes a little longer to catch up to the boosted mental function! My Nutrition Plan will guide you through the process of healthy eating habits and one-on-one assistance with a diet coach who can give you that extra inspiration needed to persist with a positive fitness program!





Daily fitness inspiration with Mini Workouts, Recipe Videos, Exercise Tips, Blog updates, New Videos and Vlog announcements, Instagram LIVE and of course my stories of my day to day life!TUESDSY TIP! ???????? I will be showing you my biggest tips every week to make sure you get the best out of your workout! Today we are going to conquer the HIGH PLANK. This move will not only strengthen your core it will also tone up your shoulders. I hear lots of people struggle with their wrists so this is definitely going yo help! ???? 1⃣ In the first pose my neck is tucked under and I'm looking straight down. This makes a curve in my spine which we don't want. Instead keep your neck in line with your back, butt and heels. Look a little in front and think about yourself as one straight pole! 2⃣ This is where the wrists come in! Look at the first picture where my arms are at an angle back towards me. This can cause pressure on your hands and wrists resulting in pain or injury. Instead have your hands directly under your shoulders so your arms are in a straight line 3⃣ Lastly look at my butt sticking up in the air! ???? This makes a curve in my back and does not engage the core. Drop the butt down so it's in a straight line while keeping your hips tucked under. This will prevent you from going to far and sinking your hips! Let me know what you want to see next on our Tuesdsy Tip and of course tag your friends so you can help them with their results too ???? Sharing is caring! ???????? You can always check yourself out in a mirror to look at your posture. Doing the high plank correctly is going to burn your core, keep your upper body strong. There are so many fun moves you can do in this exercise so get the basics right and you can add all sorts of elements in! ????????‍♀


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