Legs & Cardio Workout

October 29, 2017

Legs & Cardio Workout


Today's workout will tone your legs and slim down your figure with cardio - get a lean lower body and amp up your energy levels with this 15 minute fat burning exercise routine!

These moves are going to have your heart rate elevated for fitness efficiency, though I've sprinkled in a couple of exercises that will slow your body down so we can pick back up and go full force with the calorie blasting! Rather than pausing the video to take a break or avoiding more challenging moves altogether, make the most out of these cool-down opportunities and remember to breathe!

Here are the exercise moves you can expect in this week's 15-minute video:


This workout is going to provide you with steady, lasting energy throughout the day and give you a better night's sleep! As with most forms of exercise, the hormones released during physical activity can trigger your brain chemistry to fall asleep faster and stay slumbering longer. In the meantime, cardio moves like the ones we're going to do are great for kicking your body into gear while awake!

Slimming down requires more than a few workouts a week, and I like to remind all you #Ralphies that reaching goals requires 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. Diet is the most critical component of a healthy body, and quick-fix fads are not the solution! I am passionate about providing you with an education that will revolutionize how you think and feel about fitness: my Nutrition Plans have transformed people's figures & lives! Personal coaching and meal planning will get you closer to your ideal self every day!



Want to know how to mix up your physical activity and optimize your fitness routine? 30 Day Get Fit is the ultimate guide for getting you moving in a positive direction with your workouts and food program! Fun exercise playlists will keep you motivated all month long, and nutritious recipes are going to help you stick to your diet plan. Make sure to print out the workout calendar so you can track your progress!




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