It's that time of the month.. should I workout?!

It's that time of the month.. should I workout?!

Ahh, it’s that time of the month! You just cussed out your boyfriend, cried in your car for no reason, and NOW you have to workout?! What?! Getting motivated on your period is hard work...ugh hormones! The big question is: can you work out on your period?

Well, yes! Everyone has a unique period and we all experience hormonal changes differently! Learn the ways to stick to your healthy lifestyle during every phase of your menstrual cycle! Our brain might be telling our body “NO” - we can break free from this! Let’s break it down week-by-week, girls :-)

Welcome to the food craving phase - you’ll want to pick up that pint of ice cream here! That’s normal. Our estrogen is slowly rising - the initial dip in hormones means that your body will let you shed fat faster compared to the rest of the month! Surprisingly, this stage of the menstrual cycle is ideal to PUSH yourself.

During this time, you’ll probably feel like crap! SO try low impact exercises like yoga, light cardio, and swimming. Movement can help reduce cramping and headaches, so let’s release those endorphins to boost our mood! Some women might build a tolerance for pain during the first half of their period, so see if working out makes you feel better!

Hello, testosterone! Testrone is your friend when building muscle. This time of the month you’ll feel motivated and energized! You’ll have higher levels of hormones that’ll make you want to sprint - or take on more weight training exercises.

This is a great time to get in whatever challenges you the most! If it’s weight training, cardio, or whatever - this time is when you’ll have that drive to complete those exercises. Give it a go!

Now we have entered the ovulation phase! This time of the month you might feel sluggish - your estrogen is starting to dip and progesterone is starting to rise! This is a cocktail to promote fat burning abilities.

It’s time to get your heart rate up! Exercises like running, pilates, ect., are light enough to keep your body engaged and burning calories! If you can’t break through your lethargic stage, try going on a nature walk or a bike ride.

Ahh, the calm before the storm. Or maybe the prestorm? You’ll be feeling “blah” this week! Estrogen and testosterone take a dive and you’ll start to bloat. Yes - everyone bloats! Try not to get discouraged.

This week is a good time for steady cardio, body workouts, and yoga! You’ll stay active and combat some classic symptoms of PMS!

If you need some workout inspo, download the BURN app! We have lots of workout videos that combat PMS symptoms and work around your cycle! We have a workout library with a variety of workouts that suit your needs that day. Girls - we get how difficult working out on your period can be, let’s keep going!

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