I have never been flexible, and despite so much ballet growing up, I could never get my head to touch my knees.  All the girls in my class could put their legs all the way in the air and mine barely left the ground!  That feeling of not being good enough has always stuck with me and to this day I find it hard not to compare myself.  Even when someone else compares me, or questions my work ethic I take it soooooo personally.  It makes me want to work harder and also brings me back to my old ballet teacher.  You guys know the story there!  Sometimes though it's just a hit to my ego.  That's okay though as long as you recognize it and are working on those feelings!  You see we all have the same insecurities!  Well.. maybe not Alphie!

So I decided to revisit my abilities when it came to flexibility and am determined to be better than I was before.  Just by doing these videos everyday and being consistent in my morning stretches I have seen a HUGE improvement!  I am excited to share these videos with you that I filmed in The Dominican Republic with ClubMed.  You too will be able to do moves you never thought were possible!

Who is joining me on the workout calendar today?! ???????? Not sure what workouts to do when..? I have it all worked out for you right here ???????? * ???? @clubmedpuntacana @clubmed #clubmed #clubmedpuntacana outfit @southbeachofficial

If you were watching my Instagram stories on RebeccaLouiseFitness during the trip you would have seen the nightmare I faced with my camera!  These videos might not be the best quality so I apologize.  If you know the story though you will be happy there are at least videos coming!  Don't worry if you missed the drama, you can check out my full travel blog on my trip to The Dominican coming next week.

So what are you waiting for!?  Grab your yoga mat, get some hydration, make sure no one disturbs you, and let's flow.  Make sure you are fully warm before starting the workout by using my warm-up video. This will ensure you have a safe and more efficient practice.  Let your worries go, your fears out the door and let me take you to paradise for 10 minutes in the Dominican Republic.

I always love to hear your feedback, so please comment on the blog and let me know how you liked the workout, what else you would like to see, and of course, any questions!


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