Intense Inner & Outer Thigh Workout - Slimmer Thighs

Intense Inner & Outer Thigh Workout - Slimmer Thighs

Ready to Get Slimmer Thighs Starting Today?

Hey friends, I hope you’re having an AMAZING day! 

Let’s get fired up for this intense, inner and outer thigh workout to work out our thighs, get strong, and get confident to rock those legs in a mini skirt. 

We’ll focus on specific exercises to sculpt our thighs for a toned and lean result. The workout included these exercises:

  • Side Leg Raises
  • Sumo Squat
  • Side Lunges
  • 45-Degree Leg Swing
  • Knee Bridge

You can read along in this blog post to get a feel for the workout and then watch the video and follow along with me. Let’s get started! After reading, if you want access to more workout routines and nutrition plans, don’t forget to sign up for our monthly challenges here

Now, without out further ado, let’s feel the burn! 

Side Leg Raises

Rebecca Louise laying down in outdoor background performing a side lying leg raise


Remember, our form is the most important to maximize the benefit of each exercise. All right! For our first exercise, make sure to come down to the ground and lay down on your side resting on your elbow, which is directly underneath your shoulder. That top leg is going to come right on top and place your foot on the ground. Now, flex that bottom leg and we're going to pull the leg up and down. Repeat this moment as many times as you can — 45 seconds on the clock!

Squeeze the glutes, and you're going to really feel this in between your legs — I'm already feeling the burn! 

Keep lifting up that leg for the final 15 seconds! That's it — let's train our brains to really go for it. Have those hips on top of each other and push through the chest. Give yourself a nice little smile as we finish — and release.

Okay, changing over to the other side, flex that bottom leg as you lift it up and down so you're going to feel it all through the inner part of your thigh. Remember to try and keep your hips on top of each other. The movement isn't going to be much — it's not a huge movement, but you're going to wake up tiny little muscles in your inner thigh that are going to work and get you that thigh gap. You got this! 

Keep on pushing as we use repetition to wake up those inner thighs and remember to breathe through this. Let's keep going even though those legs are on fire as we finish the final five seconds — great job!

Well done, you’ve just completed the first exercise — it's only just begun!

Sumo Squat 

Rebecca Louise in her backyard performing a sumo squat


Now, for the next exercise, we're going to stand and make sure our feet are slightly wider than shoulder-width apart with our feet pointing out at a 45-degree angle, and we're going to take it down slowly into a Sumo squat bending at the knees. 

When your knees create a 90-degree angle, reach down with your hands and touch the ground. Before we stand back up straight, at the halfway point, stand up on your toes and lift those heels. At this point keep your arms out in front of you and then continue to stand up on your heels as you stand tall all the way to the top. At the top, you can drop those heels before repeating the movement again! So, squat down, touching the ground, arms extended forward, lift right high up onto those tootsies and stand up tall again! 

We got this! We are going to own this workout today, and you are going to get through this. No matter what you have going on in your life right now, you can do this — you can change your physiological state which will change your attitude. If you have an attitude like, “Hey, I can't do this — it's not going to happen.” Guess what? It's not! We can change the way that we look at things. We can change and make sure that everything we have going into a break is positive and powerful. Yes! 

Once the next 45 seconds are up, it’s time for the next exercise.

Whew, I can really feel the burn now!

Side Lunge

Rebecca Louise in her backyard performing a later lunge to her left


Right, remain standing, and now we're going to take our body over to the side by bending one knee out and lean forward pushing our chest over the knee. Keep both feet firmly planted as you shift your weight over to one side before standing tall again and lifting that chest up nice and high. Breathe in through your nose and exhale out through your mouth. We got this! 

While we do this exercise, focus on the goal you want. Today is not our normal 30 seconds — we're doing it for 45 seconds! We want to really challenge our brains so that when you go back to doing 30 seconds, you're going to find it so easy. Make sure the knee is being pushed out over your foot to the side, and as you stand tall push the booty back, lift that chest up nice and high, and keep this rhythm going. Remember to squeeze those glutes when you get the top all the way down. Let's go!

Failure is not the opposite of success — it's just part of it. If you feel like you're failing, it's just part of the process of life. So if you are failing, that just means you're on the right track! 

Let's take it out to the other side now and squeeze those glutes, always keeping that chest lifted and keep smiling all the way through this. Remember, as you go down to the side you want to push that booty back and squeeze those glutes. Stay nice and controlled and focused, and as that burn starts to ask you to stop, keep going! What are you made of? You are made of finishing this workout!

No matter how tough it gets, no matter how much you want to quit, just say to yourself, ‘I'm in this until the end!’ Make the commitment now that you are going to go all the way to the end with me. The exercise is over once we’ve done 45 seconds on each side.

Well done! That’s two exercises done, and you’re doing incredible! 

Next, I need you to grab two dumbbell weights. We're gonna take it nice and slow with our next exercise. 


Our next exercise is a wide deadlift. When you perform this exercise, make sure to keep your back nice and straight throughout the entire movement. 

Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart again, and start holding the weights at your side standing up tall. Let the weights move to the front of your body and pull your body down towards the ground, keeping that back nice and straight as you come all the way down, holding at the bottom which will be when your upper body is perpendicular to the ground, and then squeeze all the way up to the top. 

My advice on what weight to choose is to find one that on the last couple of reps that we do together are challenging. Don’t worry about bulking up — you're not going to get muscles like the Incredible Hulk! It is really challenging to bulk up and become muscular. When you persevere and consistently use our app to do these exercises each week, you're going to see your body change over time, but it's not like you're going to wake up one morning and have these huge muscles. Many of our clients are concerned about using weights like this because of the myth that weights equal bulk. Bulk requires eating loads of food and lifting very heavy weights — I'm talking hundreds of pounds, not the 10, 15, 20, 25 pounds that we’re using here. 

Make sure to keep that back nice and straight throughout the entire movement, and push your weight down into those heels at the top. Give me one more as we finish another 45 seconds — take it down and squeeze all the way as you get to the top. 

Great job! You can release those weights down to the ground and shake out your legs. 

45-Degree Leg Swing

Rebecca Louise standing on a single leg performing a 45 degree leg raise


Next, we're going to stand with our feet close together directly under the hips as we lift one and balance on the other. With the lifted foot — extend it out in front of you a couple of inches and then from that position swing it out to the side up to 45-degrees and bring it back down across the body. You're going to feel it all in those inner thighs that are swinging and the outer thigh on that supporting leg. Swing across — come back to the center, and here we go again!

If you want to hold onto something for balance while doing this you can — then you can gradually work your way up to hold nothing to make it more challenging. If you’re holding nothing, either put your arms out in front of you or bring your hands onto your hips. 

Remember, we are doing this for 45 seconds — if you do this for 20 seconds you're not going to feel anything. It is when you start to really go for it and add in 30, 40, 45 seconds that we're starting to feel that burn! You've got 10 seconds left to go here, come on, stay nice and strong for me! Feel it, and flex that foot even more. 

Let's breathe as we finish the one side — and release down. Shake it out as we take it over to the other side. We're going to send that left leg nice and forward. Flex that toe, arms out to the side to balance, or on your hips. Chest is lifted and three, two, one, let's take it across. Oh yes! Squeeze the glutes and flex that foot and feel that inner thigh working. 

Now, while we perform this exercise I want you to think about using that inner thigh to lift up your legs — it's not your foot that's lifting up your leg — it is the inner thigh. This will help you feel it even more because we are sending signals to the muscle that we want to work. Otherwise, we're not telling our body what we want it to do — so be vocal and use that mind. What muscle are you trying to work right now? Send that signal and feel it all through that inner thigh. Take a nice breath in for me to inhale through the nose and exhale out through your mouth.

Stay nice and strong throughout the entire 45 seconds for this side too — and release laying all the way down on the ground. The outsides of my thighs are on fire!

Bridge Knee

Rebecca Louise laying down on her yoga matt on her in her back yard performing a glute bridge


This is our last exercise, so don’t hold anything back! Laying down on the ground, bend your knees, and bring your feet up to be flat on the ground about hip-width apart, and we're going to lift those hips up nice and high off the ground. Once those hips are lifted we're going to bring in the knees to touch and then out again. 

Are you ready? In three, two, one, let's lift our hips up all the way to the top, and let's go for it for 45 seconds! Hips up bring those knees in and out keeping the hips lifted up to the sky. Your body is the bridge and if you think about drawing a line, you should be able to draw one from your knee all the way through your hips to your shoulders. If your hips are too low right now that might mean you need to push up a little bit higher. You're going to start to feel it in those inner thighs right about now — so keep going, that burn is good! Burn means the muscles are working, something is changing, and we keep pushing through that. 

Squeeze those glutes, lift that chest up nice and high, and let’s take a quick break. 

We’re not done yet! We already know how to do this exercise, so let's take it all the way down to the ground and push those heels into the mat for one last push! Bring those knees in together and push them out again. This is the last 45 seconds — keep telling your thighs we want them to grow. We want them to change. Now, push those hips up a little bit higher — feel that burn in between the inner thighs as we do the final 10 seconds!

That's it — we’re done, and you did such a fantastic job! Make sure to release slowly so there’s no tension in the neck and the shoulders. 


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