Intense Booty Burn & Tone Legs Workout

Intense Booty Burn & Tone Legs Workout

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Total-Body Benefits of the Intense Booty Burn & Tone Legs Workout

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Intense Booty Burn & Tone Legs Workout! What are we doing in today's workout?!

Split Stance Squats : You need 2 weights for this and I am using 5 lbs, choose what you are comfortable with! Bring one leg up in front of the other and dip your toe into the mat. Take a wide stance with one foot forward and your feet about a foot apart. Keep most of your weight on your front leg and keep your chest lifted high. Your shoulder needs to be down and squeeze those glutes as you go down with the weights in your hands and holding them out to the side. Change to the other side and as your back leg comes down really push into that heel. This exercise really works to increase your muscle mass, so keep doing it in a slow and controlled way. Do a Squat Stance each time and your calf muscles will be On Fire!

The Split Squat is a unilateral leg exercise that increases lower body strength, muscle hypertrophy, balance and stability. Split Squats are GREAT for increasing lower body mobility. As you lower down into the movement, the weight of your body and whatever implements you are holding force a bigger stretch on your muscles. In addition to that your muscles have to work hard to push back out that deep range.

Alternating Lateral Lunges : Come to the centre of your mat and hold one weight in both hands central to your body. Take your body from side to side with one leg bent and one leg straight. Alternate each leg and each side for every rep. Take a deep breath in as you move from side to side. You need to feel your booty sticking out to the side as this is building your glutes and toning your legs!

This is a lower body exercise that strengthens virtually all of your leg muscles as well as your glutes while also getting your heart rate up to help you burn fat. When you step forward into the Alternating Lateral Lunges and bend your knees, you grip primarily with your quads and glutes. The main muscles worked by the side lunge are the quads and glutes, but the extra focus on the inner and outer thighs means it's an exercise you should have in your repertoire!

Weighted Sissy Squats L & R Bring your feet up into a ball and squat back to one side. Keep your heels lifted up off the ground and hold one weight in one hand. Make sure your feet are lifted up and work on each side for 45 seconds. As you lean back squeeze your glutes nice and tight. Shake out those legs and take to the other side. Lean back, squeeze and come back up. Pull your core in tight and keep your ribs down. Your calf muscles should be on fire! Lean back and come back up all the way through, working your inner thighs and booty at the same time! You will really Feel the Burn with this exercise!

The Sissy Squat is a powerful exercise! Doing Sissy Squats strengthens your core as well as those front thighs. Sissy Squats are not only beneficial for strengthening and improving quad muscles, core strength but they are also great for improving the balance of the body. The positioning of the feet during the exercise makes the body above the knee and benefits body balancing incredibly!

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Few things turn our heads like a killer round perky butt. We just can’t help but stare, we are obsessed by all of the hard work we know has been put into it! That’s why so many of us, want to know how to get the Best Butt EVER! So, if you really want to work a bit more on your booty then have a go at the 5 Burning Exercises for a Rounder Butt!

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