Intense Abs Workout

July 09, 2017

Intense Abs Workout


Last week's Cardio & Abs got me prepared for the newest workout, Intense Abs, which is really going to help you tune into your core! Core strength is a critical component of generating power for the rest of your body - so we're going  to focus on our centers and get you sweatin'! Remember to give me a thumbs-up on YouTube if you're feeling the burn!

Here are the exercise moves you can look for in this week's 10-minute video:




Your abs may feel like they're on fire during this workout - but that's a good thing! Strong abdominal muscles are the framework for your body's overall support system. Ab exercises can help to reduce back pain, as weak abdominals put pressure on the lower back to keep your midsection together; a larger belly can also shift your center of gravity forward in a way that engages the back muscles in a stressed position. Better posture and balance, and improved fitness stamina, are just a few of the many benefits you'll experience from strengthening your core!


Mixing up your abs workout routine will keep you motivated - doing the same standard crunches over and over again just won't cut it! You can trick your mind into thinking your body is less tired by staying engaged and changing abs exercises frequently, like how I demonstrate the routine in this latest video. Get those results you've been looking for by giving your core the attention it deserves! I update my ab videos on a regular basis, refreshing and varying exercise combinations to make sure that you are always trying new activities! This is the reason so many people get amazing results on my 30 DAY GET FIT PLAN! 


You can work out your abdominals all you want, but if your diet is lacking then the nice muscles you've trained hard for might stay hidden beneath an unwavering belly pooch (I get a lot of questions about this)! Some people wonder why they're not seeing optimal results even though they stick to a fitness routine and work their abs frequently - I suggest that this could be due to dietary reasons but also emphasize that every body is different and progress may take time! Results can take longer to see depending on your body type or genetics, though dedicating yourself to health and self-improvement can make you happier and healthier even if the outward physical aspects aren't entirely noticeable at first! My Nutrition Plan will guide you through the process of healthy eating habits and one-on-one assistance with a diet coach can give you that extra inspiration needed to persist with a positive fitness program! 



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