Inner & Outer Thighs

June 10, 2017

Inner & Outer Thighs



Enjoy the lovely background of Gili Meno while you feel the intense burn in one of your most-requested thigh workouts! I'm bringing you a brand-new inner and outer thigh workout to help you get those long, lean legs. I recommend you grab a set of weights for this one! I used 1 kg weights, but feel free to use what's comfortable - yet challenging - for you. Are you ready for this?!





Why use weights? Well, it will add more resistance to your workout so that you're doubling your efforts during the exercise. A 15-minute thigh workout can become quite a challenge with some weights added in! Give it a go even if you've never used weights in your workout before. You might be surprised at how far you get! And I promise the results won't let you down! Just remember that it takes time and patience. Don't expect results overnight - it just doesn't happen that way!

Did you know that nutrition plays a crucial role in getting that desired leg definition? You can do the exercises, but if you aren't feeding your body properly, you won't see the results that you want! It takes a good amount of protein, as well as healthy fats, complex carbs and hydration. I have everything you need on my nutrition plan, so check it out and see for yourself!

I love giving you all the workouts that you ask for. It was my pleasure (and pain!) to do this inner and outer thigh workout for you. I was feeling the burn days after this one! Be sure to go give it a thumbs up and comment below to tell me which moves were the toughest and had you screaming at me! Hey, at least I brought you to paradise with the lovely Bali waves and white sands in the background. If that doesn't help to ease the pain, I don't know what will! Stay tuned to see Sir Alphie come back to the videos!


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