How to stay on track for SUMMER BODY goals - 4 tips!

How to stay on track for SUMMER BODY goals - 4 tips!

Keep your eye on the prize! Summer is around the corner - so put your game face on! We want to feel sexy and confident when we strut our stuff down the beach! THAT’S RIGHT - you’re gonna be turning heads! Results come with consistency. It’s time we get in a hustler mindset and take the time out of our busy lives to give back to our bodies. Here are 4 tips to stay on track when trying to reach those body goals: 

You have to really feel the BURN if you want your body goals! It’s so much easier when it’s something you look forward to, instead of a chore. Try a new workout class - like yoga, spin, barre, etc. Those classes are FUN and it’s hard not to feel motivated when you walk in the door. ALSO - you’ll meet so many people! Maybe you’ll find a workout buddy? If so, GREAT! Workout buddies are game changers. They’ll hold you accountable and make sure you’re trying 110% - sometimes we need a push to make sure we're CRUSHING our goals. Right now - I’m looking for a new workout buddy! Enter my giveaway to win free fitness guidance from me! It’ll be so much fun getting to know you and becoming BURN buddies :-)

Like I ALWAYS say - it’s 80% nutrition that determines how you look and feel! When we get into the habit of eating healthy - it’ll be second nature! I know it’s hard to cook when our schedules are CRAZY - that’s why I meal prep. It saves so much time and money, we all need more of that! Also - it’s crucial we are giving our bodies the right workout products to maximize your performance and see results. If you win my giveaway contest - I’ll show you all the products that I use to stay in shape! It’s going to make such a BIG difference, you’ll never go back. I would love to show and see you GROW into your fullest potential!

Staying motivated is key to staying on track! Results are a marathon - not a sprint! You’ve gotta remember what's at the end of the finish line! For me, it's reading books. Personal development reads are a great way to refresh your mindset. If you can’t find the time to sit down and read a book, then a podcast is always an easy alternative! You can listen while you are on the way to work in the morning. Listening to somebody else’s advice is a great way to get out of your own headspace to reflect and apply their word. If you need a motivational podcast to get you started, check mine out! I’ve lived a lot of life, so I offer you action steps to be the best you!

Do yourself a favor and make some time for YOU! I’m not asking for a lot of time, just enough to feel the BURN! Schedule your workout and meals throughout the week and you’ll be set! Find the time and WRITE it down. Writing it down makes me remember everything that I have to check off that day. Then in no time, it’ll become apart of a daily routine!

Results are right around the corner - you have to keep going! Follow these 4 tips to stay on track for your strong summer body. If you need a workout buddy or extra help with nutrition sign up for my GIVEAWAY contest! You could win 1-on-1 coaching with me! I’ll make sure you reach all your body and personal goals. YOU GOT THIS!

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May 30, 2019

Love all these tips! Do you have a planner that you love? I think scheduling food for me is going to be key.