How To Start An Exercise Program

How To Start An Exercise Program

Beginning an exercise program can be intimidating, however it will be one of the greatest decisions you ever make, I promise you! Taking that first step is the hardest and as soon you will see that exercising regularly is one of the best things you can do for both your body and mind, there will be no slowing you down.

The best part about starting an exercise program is it doesn't need to be complicated. In fact we make it fun, simple and magical. Sounds pretty great right? The BTES App Beginners Program is the perfect place for you to start. Complete with beginner paced workouts, daily motivation and recipes, starting an exercise program has never been easier.

Finding something that you enjoy, working it into your routine, setting realistic goals & understanding why you started will keep you motivated along the way when starting an exercise program as a beginner. 

Are you ready!? Here is a beginners guide on how to start an exercise program.

Know Your Why

When starting an exercise program as a beginner or coming back to working out, it is important for you to understand your "why". Everyone should exercise, remember though the motivation behind it is specific to each individual. Why are you working out in the first place? Are you going to be standing up in someone's wedding, did the doctor tell you to lose 20 pounds, are you trying to look good naked or is it just time to start living a healthy lifestyle?

Understanding your why will help keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey. There will be times when you want to give up and quit, remembering you're why and your primary reason behind why you started in the first place, will help you overcome any negative thoughts and propel you towards continuing to reach your goals. 

Are you also trying to get your nutrition in check?! That is exactly why I have created the Free 5 Day Better You Program! Join now to get paired with one of my amazing coaches and receive a customized nutrition plan. 80% nutrition and 20% fitness is the motto! It is crucial to your results to fuel your body with the proper nutrition it needs. 


Plan It Out 

As a beginner in an exercise program, having a game plan in place will help you stick to your workouts. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail! There is nothing more discouraging then saying you are going to workout 7 days a week and then only successfully tackling 3 workouts.

When starting an exercise program, it's more beneficial to start slow and work your way up once you catch the momentum and your fitness level increases. In the beginning, be sure to include rest days. Give your body a chance to adjust to your new program and recover.

Next, always look at your schedule ahead of time and plan your workouts accordingly. It is also important to have a plan b. If you miss your morning workout class because well, life happens, set some time aside later on so you still can move your bod. Creating a program that works for you based on your fitness level and individual goals will determine your overall success in your fitness journey. 

Want something already organized and all you have to do is open an app and do what is says that day? Well you are in luck. We have a new beginners program in the app with its own workout calendar designed for beginners, those coming back to exercise or retiring after an injury.

You just open the app and it will give you the follow along workout to do that day. The workouts are a slower pace and take you through a full range of exercise styles and work your full body. You can check of the workouts you have done, keep track of your progress and we will let you know when it's a rest day. Not only will we help with your workouts you will get a free customized nutrition plan from one of my BTES coaches who will then walk you through this and coach you on what you are eating. Problem of not knowing what to do solved!

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Set Realistic Goals

When beginning an exercise program it is important to understand where you are with your fitness level. Determining your goals based on what is realistic when starting an exercise program, is key to your success. If your goal is to run a marathon, you should start out running 2 - 3 miles every day. It is unrealistic to say on day one of training you are going to run 10 miles. You are setting yourself up for disappointment and a possible injury.

Setting smaller goals along the way will help keep you motivated and on track to the end goal. A major component of setting realistic goals when beginning an exercise program is to make your goals very specific. Having specific goals will keep your eyes on the prize all while providing motivation along the way. This will also help you stay focused and organized so you continue to be successful. 


Find Something You Like To Do

This could maybe be the most important tip I have for you when beginning an exercise program. By finding a fitness routine that you like to do, you are much more likely to stick with it and actually enjoy your exercise along the way. Brainstorm what types of exercise sounds appealing to you and go from there. If going to the gym and lifting weights is something you absolutely dread, do not tell yourself that you are going to lift weights three times a week.

If you absolutely despise running, don't make it a goal to run a marathon. Finding something enjoyable plays a large role in staying motivated and on track. What is nice about fitness is there is a large variety of workouts available and finding something that you like to do won't be difficult. 


It is never to late to begin an exercise program!

Sometimes taking the first step can be the hardest, but once you get going and begin to see & feel the physical changes in your body you won't want to stop. These changes are not going to happen over night so it is essential to find something you like to do, stick to your plan, set goals & remember your why. 

Staying motivated as a beginner in a new exercise program won't be the easiest. You are going to have days where you don't want to work out, "think" you don't have time, or believe missing one workout won't matter. When you have these thoughts, remember why you started and focus on the end goal.

Make it one step easier by joining the BTES App today and get started on your results!




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