How to Improve Your Flexibility

How to Improve Your Flexibility

Tired of waking up and feeling stiff? We’ve all been there! Some people are born with crazy flexibility, while others have to work a little harder to get their bodies bendy. Let me share with you some of the tips to get that body movin' in all the right ways!🤸🏼 



I like to wake up and give back to my body for 10 minutes every morning! You can also do this right before bed as well, whatever you prefer. Roll your shoulders, touch your toes, open your hips, do simple stretches to bring blood flow to your limbs and you can start (or end) the day nice and nimble. 


I know what might come to your mind at first, ugh running! When you get your body moving, you'll release lactic acid to your muscles to warm them up. Also - this will help with your sore muscles. You don't have to run a marathon - just a nice light jog to get your body nice & loose! 


When you first start stretching - you might feel like the freakin' tin man from the Wizard of Oz. To get our muscles loose we've got to hydrate the body. Think of your muscles as a sponge, without water, they're stiff & brittle. Water lubricates your joints and helps regulate body temperature. So ladies - remember to drink your water! 


Have you ever tried yoga or pilates? Wow - they can be extremely challenging for beginners. Your muscles are not used to the different stretches & ouch! Don't get discouraged, everyone is tight at the start. However, these workouts are best for improving your flexibility. 


Never tried one of these workouts & don't know where to start? You can always download the BURN by Rebecca Louise app & find them in your workout library under "stretching or yoga". I promise I go easy on you guys! If you combine all of these tips, you'll be all bendy and loose in no time! 

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