How to Grow Your Boobs Workout

How to Grow Your Boobs Workout


Abdominal workouts like How to Get Abs are at the top of the list as far as fitness requests are concerned, but a question I get all the time is: are there any moves I can do to get bigger boobs? The pectoral muscles are beneath the bosom, and although you can't technically increase bust size through exercise alone, this workout will focus on building up your chest muscles for a firmer, lifted appearance! Are there any weird tricks you've heard about for growing your boobs?

Your boobs are made up of fat and glands - depending on your body type, the most effective (and least invasive) way to grow your bust would be to gain extra weight. But why should we put our health on the line when there are ways to work out your pectorals? Chest muscles can be made larger with exercise, though it takes persistence so make sure to keep up with a regular fitness routine!

Here are the exercise moves you can expect in this week's 15-minute video:


Incorporate these moves into your regular program and gradually increase weight/resistance for an extra challenge that will have you reaching those upper body goals in no time. Physical activity will enhance overall muscle tone and make you feel great about your body, even if you can't actually make your boobs bigger with exercise alone!



Want to know how to mix up your workouts and optimize your fitness routine? Leave it up to me! My 30 Day Get Fit program is the ultimate guide for getting you moving towards the body you've always dreamed that you could have. I've been working hard to present the latest and greatest in exercise and meal planning: this month is filled with exciting workout playlists that will keep you motivated and recipes that will have you health-inspired!

If you're serious about changing your body, the process requires 20% fitness and 80% nutrition. This means that the foods you consume are the most critical aspect of achieving results! This is a journey, not a quick-fix, and sometimes it can seem difficult to make a habit out of healthy living. Fortunately, I have an awesome Nutrition Plan that helps people get closer to reaching their goals every day!



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