You know I have had an injured knee and this is to show that you can still workout! Even if you have to sit down you can still get through this one Join me at The Grand Wailea in Maui as we build strength in the upper body! Don't forget to #ICanFeel TheBurnRebecca after so I can give you a high five on social media. Like I've been telling you, the results - your treasure - won't be until the end, so you need to stick with these workouts in order to see your results! Of course, it's all a complete plan of 20% Fitness, 80% Nutrition, and 100% Mindset! I've got each aspect covered for you!

There are weights involved in this workout and if you are brand new or don't have weights there is no need to think this workout can't be done. It is also a great workout to do to tone your arms or if you are new to exercise. It will help you get your form correct and still tone the upper body. The weights will just give it extra resistance and help build muscle!

If you haven't already, be sure to check out the Nutrition Plan and get started with your own personalized approach to feeding your body and growing your muscles. It truly makes a difference when you're putting great stuff into your body. When we're looking to get lean, we need to remember that eating plays a huge role in that! Don't eat less, eat smart! We give you your own personal coach, YES! a real person to talk to and ask questions. It's not just a PDF plan its a relationship with my team who are invested in your results.

Ready to have the time of your life, workout and eat with me for a week? Oh yes its happening I am taking you with me to Thailand on 2018 for an incredible retreat that will change your direction, belief in yourself and help you be all you can. Check out all the information on my RETREAT and book your place from as little as $300. Spaces are limited.

How have you been liking the 15-minute workouts? Be sure to comment below and tell me what you think! It's so fun playing with new ideas and exercise moves, and I enjoy reading about how you're getting on with the new videos and your goals. Please keep them coming and #ICanFeelTheBurnRebecca on Facebook and Instagram so that I can see you getting a sweat on!


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