How to Get Rid of Back Fat and Best Upper Body Exercises

How to Get Rid of Back Fat and Best Upper Body Exercises

Back fat, batwings, bra bulge, whatever you want to call it, if you're not happy and it makes you go ugh... then you are probably willing to do anything to get rid of it! I have some simple steps to help!

First of all, remember to make sure you're wearing the right size bra and sports bra as this will effect how you look and feel. if it's too tight you are going to feel uncomfortable when everything is squished and coming over the sides!

Next you will want to work on toning up your upper back area and arms. I often hear people can be afraid to workout the upper back because they're afraid of bulking up and getting "bulky shoulders or bulky arms" that is not true. Use these exercises to banish bra bulge and get your upper body toned for good! 

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What exercises get rid of back fat?

What causes upper body and back fat ?

What you eat and drink each day can cause your body to change. Think very carefully and make a list of what you are eating on a daily basis. Are you eating a lot of processed foods with additives and preservatives? Or are they foods that come from natural sources?

While you think you do not have time to prep food or eat healthy, I have some great news for you... our nutrition plan is fast, effective and easy. no need to weight your food or be a top chef! Get your free customized nutrition plan with one of my coaches to help guide you in your journey.

We all know fast-food restaurants and processed foods are not great, why? These type of food typically are high in fat, calories, carbohydrates have added sugar and sodium. Your body needs these items to function in moderation, but doesn't need as many as most prepared foods come with. A diet that's high in fat, sugar and calories can lead to excessive weight, water retention, upper body and back fat.

Posture and lack of muscles can also contribute to this. Sometimes we don't realize that without strong back muscles and a good posture our upper body could be stronger. Glutes, hamstrings and back muscles really need your attention at least a few times a week.


How to get rid of back fat safely?

I always say, it's 80% nutrition and 20% exercising.  Changing your nutrition and creating a new mindset will help you safely get rid if that upper back and body fat. 

Some simple food items to stock up on are: 

    1. Almonds: this crunchy snack provides a combination of healthy fats and strong protein.
    2. Avocados: another healthy fat that will leave you feeling full and satisfied for longer. Plus it feels like you are eating a treat.
    3. Chickpeas: are not only high fiber but they also help with gut health
    4. Eggs: Stabilize your blood sugar levels and reduce cravings along with providing a healthy fat and protein balance
    5. Salmon: is one of the best choices as it supports healthy insulin function and is a healthy fat, which contributes to a great diet.
    6. Green leafy vegetables: they are packed with micronutrients and high fiber.
    7. Post recovery shake. Always after I workout I use a post recovery shake repair my muscles and helps drop body fat.

You can Get started on a simple nutrition plan and check out my post recovery shake for free right here to add along with your workouts!

5 Best exercises to tone your back and upper body!

Across Body Bicep Curl To Both Arms Front Raise: Pick up both weights in each hand and with your feet a hip width away, place your arms hang down, they are slightly bent with your posture is upright and the palms of the hands point facing out. The start with a bicep curl across the body alternating your left and right side. Then with both arms go straight in front of you ( no bending your arms). Make sure to tuck in those hips for ultimate results!

High Plank With Alternating Arms Lift To Side:  Set up in a high plank with your feet wider than shoulder width and your hands on the floor holding your body up by putting the weights in front of you.  Brace your core, legs and glutes to stay as rigid and stable as possible. Hold the weights in your right hand and lift it up into your lower right ribs. Then alternate to your left side. 

Single Rows To Elbow Pulls :  While sitting on your knees,, keep your knees a hip width away and place your arms hanging down with weights in hand. Bring one arm up at a time, keeping tilted slightly forward and raise your arms back and then arms to the side. Repeat

Swinging Leg Drops : You are going to lie on your back and make sure your back is flush against the ground. Then you are going to make sure your legs are going to come straight up and then drop down ( do not touch the ground)

5 Second Hold Narrow Push Up To 5 Second Narrow Push Ups:  Begin lowering your body by bending your elbows, keeping your core tight and your back flat, with your knees up until your chest grazes the floor then you are. Keep your elbows tucked in toward your body and hold for 4 seconds then extend your elbows and push your body back up, using your triceps and chest.

Now it's time to do the workout! Get the 10 minute version on Youtube and the full 28 minute with warm up and cool down on the BTES app! 


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