How To Get Maximum Results From Home Workouts

How To Get Maximum Results From Home Workouts

It can be frustrating, irritating, and annoying not to see the results we want, but guess what? You are in the right place because you actively want to do something about it. So first of all, give yourself a little bit of grace because you are actually here.

First things first, get a coach!

Have you ever heard the expression? “It's the blind leading the blind” before? That used to be me as I either followed my friends and what they were doing or got myself into an environment where nobody was thriving and getting results. It was only when I got a coach with a track record of getting results that I started to get results too. Now, this might seem super small, and you may be thinking, “Yeah, obviously don't take advice from someone you wouldn't trade places with,” but how many of you have often just tried to follow what your friends are doing or figure it all out for yourself? It doesn’t really work.

It's the blind following the blind, and if you don't know what you're doing, what you need to do is get a coach. That's one of the reasons that we started the Free 5 Day Better You Program. Anybody can sign up to it, and you get one of my coaches who's been coached personally by me. They will give you a plan and help you understand why you're not currently seeing results specific to you.  The information I’m sharing is great, but to really target some things that you could be doing that you're not doing, chatting to you one-on-one through the Free 5 Day Better You Program is essential. We want to help you navigate what is working in your plan right now and what is stopping you from getting those results. 

Lots of people want instant gratification, and that's normal because the world that we live in is instant.


However, it doesn't work like that with your results. How long did it take to gain the weight? How long did it take you to go through an eating disorder? We need to set realistic goals and understand that it’s not just going to take one day. It's going to take consistency and time to take off that weight. If you're losing a pound a week, that can be amazing, but sometimes, my friends, you're going to stay at the same weight. This is something that most people don't know. Weighing yourself on a normal scale doesn't tell you your muscle mass and your fat.

It's really important to not get distracted by just the scale. How do you feel in your clothes? How do your pants feel? How do your tights feel? How does your sports bra feel? 

Ask yourself, “Have I been doing this long enough? Have I really given it a good shot?” If you've done it for three days and it didn't really feel any different, that’s not being realistic  and even if you've been doing it for three months you need to honestly evaluate how many days you followed the plan. If you were only following it for 20 of the 90 days, your consistency is letting you down. 

With the BTES App, consistency has never been easier. With daily workouts already planned out in a monthly calendar for you, all the guessing of what body part to work out next is gone. Working out has been made simple! What are you waiting for, download the BTES App now! 


You might've heard me say this before, but it's important to keep saying this because it is that crucial to seeing the results you want. It is the 80/20 rule. I used to work out all the time. I was going crazy doing crunches, running on a treadmill, and I was never eating enough food or the right food because I didn't think that was important. What I realized is that 20% of how you look and feel is down to workouts, running, lifting the weights, and stretching  but 80%, which is a significant number, is down to what you eat.

I never knew that — I had no idea that it was about food. Honestly, at the age of 25, I thought I knew everything about fitness and how to get results. I was not in shape and I didn't have abs and I definitely wasn't fueling my body  but I thought it's all about how much you work out. I believed I had to burn off the calories. 

Other Factors to Consider...

  1. Are you drinking enough water? 
  2. Are you eating a good breakfast? 
  3. Are you drinking alcohol? 
  4. Are you stressed? 
  5. Do you get enough sleep each night?


Check out some of these AMAZING results from members of the BTES App! Through coaching, consistency and the 80/20 rule, these BTES girls have reached their goals and continue to improve both their health and fitness.



I mean WOW, check out those results! No matter what your level of fitness, these quick tips will help you reach your goals and put you in the fast lane to results. I am so excited for you and your fitness journey! Taking the first step is the hardest, but once you do that, you will catch momentum and be so glad you did!

See you on the next live workout!

xoxo Rebecca


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Stacey Brackney
Stacey Brackney
January 19, 2022

I am 50 and need to get fit!!!