I've been loving yoga lately, and the Hollywood Yoga workout is going to challenge your major muscle groups while inspiring you to move like a celebrity! It's always fun to look up what the celebs in Hollywood are doing to keep themselves in shape. For instance, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Aniston, and Jessica Biel are just some of the fit celebrities who practice yoga on a regular basis.

Yoga opens up our bodies, hearts, and minds. It's therapeutic from several standpoints! And while there are many different ways to practice yoga, that also means that every individual will have his or her own pace. There is nothing wrong with taking it slow; in fact it's a very good thing here! I may not be the most flexible, but I am improving day by day, and you can, too!


The Hollywood Yoga workout incorporates weights to make the poses and movements even more challenging. I hope that you enjoyed my Intermediate and Advanced Yoga workouts from the past few weeks. They were so much fun to film and they helped me move along in my own practice. Now I want to keep going! Wherever you are in your fitness journey, join me!

Not only will this yoga workout increase your flexibility, but it will help you build muscle tone and strengthen muscles you might not have used in a while. Yoga can even aid your metabolism and cardiovascular health! With the right mindset, yoga can also regulate your breathing patterns and give you a more relaxed state of mind. I'm definitely on board with that!

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Comment on the blog and let us know what workouts you want to see next! Filming in Mexico this week and want to hear what you are looking for come 2017!


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