Hip Dips and How To Get Rid of Them

Hip Dips and How To Get Rid of Them

Trade Hip Dips for an Hourglass Figure 

Have you wanted to get those beautiful, hourglass hips? As figure-8 bodies are increasingly popularized online, more women are noticing a lack of roundness in the hip region, usually caused by hip dips — indentations in the hips (an inward curve beneath the hip bones). 

First up though we all need a plan and accountability which is why we crated monthly challenges to help us all stay on track. Get access her to our workout program and see results in 30 days! 

Hip curves are completely normal and mostly determined by genetics. They’re are formed due to the shape of your pelvis and result from having high hips, so your skeleton has a lot to do with the structure of your sides. Remember that bodies come in all shapes, and this is what makes us unique and beautiful! 

Since hip dips are part of one’s bone structure, they cannot be altered. However, toning up thighs and glutes, as well as trimming extra "love handle" weight, will help to reduce the appearance of these indents. There isn't one muscle specifically responsible for this area, though bulking up the sides of your booty can fill out those dips. 

Eating a balanced, healthy diet will ultimately help you to eliminate unwanted weight in areas like the hips, so remember that reaching your body goals requires 20% fitness and 80% nutrition. Sometimes we’re misled about what a good diet is supposed to look like — fortunately, I have awesome Nutrition Plans that get people closer to their dream bodies every day. My personal coaching and meal planning will have you feeling amazing in no time!

Of course, I’ve got some fantastic exercises for you as well. If you're looking to lose a little weight or build up muscle in that area, then you're going to love these workouts.  


Exercises to Get WIDER HIPS and Reduce HIP DIPS 


In this set of exercises, we’re going to get our heart rates up and our legs moving! You’ll need a mat, your water, and a couple of dumbbell weights ready to go. If you don’t have dumbbells available, you can use water bottles as a substitute. 

Fire Hydrants with Weights

Fire Hydrants with Weights


We’ll start with fire hydrants with weights. Come down to your mat with your knees on the ground and your torso elevated by your arms with your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Next, place one of the weights behind your right knee. It should be snug between your thigh and calf. 

Now, you’re going to lift your leg up and bring it out to the side. Make sure your arms stay straight out right below you and that your hips are super still. After about ten reps with your right leg, it’s time to switch to the left leg, using the same motion and keeping your hips absolutely still. 

As you do this exercise, you’re going to feel that burn in your thighs, and with each rep, you’re getting closer to getting rid of hip dips! 

Reverse Lunge with Knee to Chest

Reverse Lunge with Knee to Chest


Now, put those weights down. It’s time to transition to a reverse lunge with knee to chest. Start a lunge with your right knee bent and your left leg extending behind you, and take it nice and low. As you transition upwards, you’re going to bring that left leg back up and point that knee toward the sky. After doing this movement for ten reps, I want you to hold the reverse lunge position and count to ten. After holding that, switch on to the other side.

When lunging, be sure your knee doesn't go past your toe. Get nice and low when you lunge and squeeze on the way up. 

Forward Squats with Leg Lifts

Forward Squat with Leg Lifts


How are you feeling? Feeling good? Shake out those legs, grab your weights, and let’s prepare for some squats.

Holding one weight in each hand, stand up and transition into a forward squat position. Keep your weights just under your hips and move from side to side, squatting and lifting up the exterior leg. My biggest piece of advice for this exercise? Push that booty back! If your weights start feeling too heavy, you can transition to a lighter set or not use weights at all. It’s whatever works for you and what your body is capable of doing at the moment. Remember — with consistent exercise, nutrition, and a healthy mindset, you’ll get stronger and stronger!

With each set, try to go lower and lower into your squat to maximize the benefit of this exercise. And don’t forget to hold the squat at the end of your set for ten seconds.

Kneeling Squat 

kneeling squat


Shake out those legs and transition to the back of your mat for the next exercise! You’re doing amazing! Keep going! 

Stand at the back of your mat, kneel down (one knee at a time), stand up, and then squat. Nice and simple! This exercise is going to keep that heart rate up while doing wonders for your glutes. 

Instead of transitioning back and forth between which knee goes down first, keep it to the same knee for each set. For example, if you start with your right knee down, continue that pattern until the end of your set. Then you can switch to the left knee going down first. This helps keep things simple and gives each leg the attention it needs. 

Curtsey Lunge with Kicks

Curtsey Lunge with Kicks


Stand up in the center of your mat and get excited for curtsey lunges with kicks. Extend your right leg behind you crossing your left leg, and do a curtsey. As you transition back, kick out that leg to the side. Keep your chest up, feel that burn, and remind yourself that you are incredible! 

In this exercise, make sure your lunge doesn’t go too far to the side — it’s more about going out behind you. After some reps with your right leg, it’s time to transition to your left leg. 

Crab Walks

Crab walks


Next up are crab walks. Transition down to your mat and get into a bridge position with your back against the mat and your abs and legs elevated. Now, bend your knees and get up on your tippy-toes, leaving your back against the floor. It’s crab walk time! “Walk” your feet back and forth, slowly and controlled. After several reps of going forward and backward, it’s time to walk your feet out to the sides. Make sure to squeeze those glutes with every movement.

At the end of the set, elevate those hips even more, move your thighs out to the sides, and bring them back together for ten seconds. Then, do that whole routine one more time. You’ve got this, friends! 

After that, guess what? You’re done with that workout! If you want to see the workout in action before you try, definitely watch this video and let me know what your favorite workout was in the YouTube comments. And don’t forget — post-recovery is key, so check out my monthly nutrition plan here.


Leg, Butt, & Thigh TONE Workout



Want to tone your legs, butt, and thighs? This 10-minute workout is perfect for you. These exercises will help sculpt your lower body and help you get stronger. No need for equipment — join me and let's feel the burn! 

Narrow Squat to Leg Lift 

narrow squat to leg lift


Let’s start with a narrow squat-to-leg lift. Stand up on your mat and transition into a narrow squat, lifting your chest up high. As you move back up, take your left leg back and stretch it behind you. Then, transition back into a narrow squat, and do the same with your right leg. To get results, push through all the way to the end of the 30-seconds, alternating back and forth from left to right.

After those 30 seconds, you can take 15 seconds to rest. Breathe deep, shake out those legs, and remind yourself that you are absolutely incredible. In this exercise, we are working our glutes, quads, and inner thighs — just by following along with me in the video, you can get those toned legs you’ve dreamed of! 

After those 15 seconds of rest are done, you’ll do the narrow squat and left lift for another 30 seconds before transitioning into the next exercise. 

Reverse Lunge with Heel Raise

reverse lunge with heel raise


Alright, friends, it’s time for the reverse lunge and heel raise. Go to the top of your mat and transition into a reverse lunge with your right foot back. As you come back up into a standing position, raise your heels and push yourself upward toward the sky. Hold for a couple of seconds and then transition back into a reverse lunge, this time stepping back with your left foot. You’ll repeat this flow for 30 seconds. Don’t forget to squeeze those glutes during the heel raise.

As you work out, I want you to visualize what you want your body to look like. How do you want to walk into a room? What level of confidence do you want? With these workouts, I promise you that with consistency, you’re going to be able to get there.

After those 30 seconds are up, we’re going to transition back into the narrow squat to leg lift exercise for 30 more seconds and then back into the reverse lunge with heel raise for 30 more seconds. Do you feel your abs working? Do you feel your legs getting stronger? I sure do! 

Pile Heel Raises

Pile Heel Raises


Let’s add our third exercise in — pile heel raises. Stand in the middle of your mat and spread your legs apart evenly with your feet facing each direction. We’re going to pile squat with our arms extended in front of us, and as we come up, we’ll stand on our tippy-toes and squeeze our glutes as we transition into the original position. As you squat, don’t push your booty back; instead, tuck your hips underneath to engage that core. 

After 30 seconds of the pile heel raises, we’re going to take it back to that first exercise and go through what we’ve done so far. Narrow squat / leg lift (30 seconds)  reverse lunge / heel raise (30 seconds)  pile heel raises (30 seconds). With each set, test your mindset and remind yourself that you are capable of this. Feel that burn and allow it to push you forward because that means it’s working! 

3 Pulses to Squat Jump 

3 Pulses to Squat Jump


That’s right — it’s time for exercise #4. Stand in the center of your mat and prepare for a squat. Instead of going all the way down, bob down and then up, like a pulse. Then, on the third pulse, jump up in the arm, get those feet off the ground, and repeat. Keep those glutes engaged and breathe through it — it’s just 30 seconds. After that time is up, shake out those legs and get ready to go through everything we’ve done so far. You’re absolutely killing it! 

Alternating Donkey Kicks

Alternating Donkey Kicks


Let’s take it down to the ground for our final exercise — alternating donkey kicks. Come down to your mat with your knees on the ground and your torso elevated by your arms with your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Next, take your right leg and kick it up behind you, flexing that foot and return it to the ground. Do the same with your left leg, and then go back and forth for 30 seconds. You can even add a little pulse at each leg extension to engage those glutes. 

Look straight down at the ground and focus on those results. Imagine how amazing your legs, butt, and thighs are going to look!

You did it — you completed the first round of this workout. To access the full workout, make sure to download the BTES app.


Build a BUTT in 20 Days with NO Equipment or Squats!


    I’ve got another workout for you today to help get rid of those hip dips And if you stick to this workout every other day for 20 days, you’ll build an amazing booty, and there’s no equipment (or squats) required! We’ve got 40 seconds for each exercise, with 20 seconds of rest in-between. Let’s go!

    Dead Lift to Taps

    Dead Lifts to Taps


    Step to the front of your mat and bend your body forward, slightly bending your knees, and placing your arms straight down as if you’re holding an imagery deadlift weight. With your right leg, start extending it back behind you, tapping it along the way (3 taps total). Return to the original position, and do the same routine with your left leg. Keep your weight in the heel, push that booty back, and keep your chest up. You’ve got this! 

    Single-Leg Side Squat Leg Lift 

    Single-Leg Side Squat Leg Lift


    Now it’s time for the single-leg side squat leg lift. Return to the center of your mat, place your weight on your right leg, extend your left leg out to the other side, sliding it out, and returning it to the original position. As you slide back, tuck in and squeeze those glutes!

    About halfway through at 20 seconds, hold your core position and lift that extended leg up and down. Within two seconds, you’ll feel that amazing burn. Maintain this flow for 20 seconds and then give yourself a pat on the back because you just crushed that! You can take a quick rest or jog side to side as we prepare for the other side. 

    After your 20-second break, do the same flow with your other leg.

    Bridge Pulses

    bridge pulses


    Transition down to your mat and get into a bridge position with your back against the mat and your knee bent. Now, you’re just going to push your back on the mat, elevating your core, and then bringing it back down. You can go all the way up and down, or you can pulse staying in the in-between position. Make sure to keep your knees out to the side and keep your glutes engaged. Pretend that you’ve got a hundred dollar bill in between your booty cheeks, and you’re not going to let that go.

    Let’s do this exercise for 40 seconds, and as we do, let’s imagine getting rid of those hip dips. For a rest, you can relax your body on the mat or you can hold your body in a bridge — whatever works for you!

    Bridge Knee to Chest

    bridge knee to chest


    For the next exercise, you can stay in the bridge position and alternate lifting up each leg. Take it nice and slow, and bring your knee toward your chest. Push your weight into your heel and tuck your hips in every time for a full range of motion. We’ll do this exercise for 40 seconds — you’ve got this! 

    Hammer Leg Curls

    hammer leg curls


    Now, roll forward and let’s take it into some hammer curls. Keep your knees on the ground and your torso elevated by your arms with your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Now, extend that right leg backward and bend your right knee, bringing your right calf toward your butt. This exercise is amazing for our hamstrings. Push those hips down to the group and keep your foot flexed to get the maximum benefit for this exercise. After you work your right leg for 40 seconds, it’s time to give that left leg some attention.  

    After you finish your hammer leg curls, you can rest or extend your leg and do some more pulses! 

    Alternating Fire Hydrants

    alternating fire hydrants


    Let’s get pumped for our final exercise — alternating fire hydrants. Stay in the same position, with your hands on the ground and your knees bent, and bring that right leg out to the side, bent at the knee, and pulse. Then transition to your starting position, and do the same thing with the left leg. Again, keep your hips faced toward the ground and push into your hands for stability. 

    Let’s do this exercise for 40 seconds, and then guess what? We’re done! Give yourself a huge pat on the back because you deserve it! 


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