Heart-Healthy Tips to Reduce Body Fat!

Heart-Healthy Tips to Reduce Body Fat!

The heavier you are, the harder your heart has to work for proper circulation. As you gain body fat, your body has to develop additional tiny blood vessels in order to supply oxygen and nutrients to the fat cells. But more blood vessels means an increased workload for your heart - in order for the blood to reach all of your cells, your heart has to work harder, and it takes more blood pressure, too. AND an excess of body fat that collects around your midsection is associated with an increased risk for heart disease.* So here are my favorite tips for reducing body fat for better overall health! 

Balanced nutrition is SO important for good health. Eating the right foods, and not eating too much for your body type, is crucial for weight management, which helps your heart health.


A combination of plant and animal sources will help keep saturated fat intake down while keeping you full & satisfied. These food items are also going to be the lowest calorie choices! Protein from plants is naturally cholesterol-free, and seafood items provide omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for your heart.


Fruits and vegetables are rich in critical vitamins and minerals, though relatively low in calories, making them the best choice for meeting carbohydrate needs. The water content of these items will help fill you up, and soluble fiber found in foods like apples and beans are linked to decreased cholesterol (as long as your diet is low-fat). When we focus on "good" carbs, it's easier to stay away from foods that have a lot of sugar or refined carbohydrates that amp up calorie count.


Nuts, a drizzle of olive oil, or a few slices of avocado can boost flavor and nutrition in calorie-controlled meals. Using fats consciously, and sparingly, will help you control appetite, since fats are more calorie-dense than proteins and carbohydrates.

Want more pointers on how to eat for your unique body?

Check out my Nutrition Guide for information about how to optimize your diet for better skin, portion control management, a toned figure, and more! My Cookbook has 75 recipes for a balanced meal any time of the day - plus there are vegetarian, vegan, and GF options! 


Cardiovascular exercise promotes heart health! Like any other muscle, your heart responds positively to exercise, becoming more efficient at pumping blood and delivering oxygen to your tissues. You also burn calories while you exercise, which can help in your weight-loss efforts, as well as to maintain a healthy body weight. Regular exercise also helps keep blood pressure under control and is a great stress-reliever. Keeping both blood pressure and stress levels in check is important to the health of your heart.*

Need help with staying on track with your weight loss goals? Start your FREE trial to my BURN program for a monthly fitness calendar that has a different full-length workout routine every day, plus a daily meal plan, motivation, lifestyle resource guide, and MORE! 

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Sandy Vander Haeghen
Sandy Vander Haeghen

February 14, 2019

As a person with a congenital heart condition I know exactly how important a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet is .
Ive always been taught to keep a healthy balanced diet and since Ive grown older it has only increased in importance. Because my condition; however stable, has gotten its ups and downs over the 8 last years Ive been advised to stay on track even more when it comes to workouts and maintatinign a healthy weight. In times of stress periods
and unhealthy life choices I can clearly see the negative impact
on my overall health, my mental health and my weight.
Therefore I can only thank you as a person who can always spark my interest, motivation and persistance when it comes to pursuing my health goals.
I’ve been following you on youtube for a little over 5 years now, having first seen your videos on XHIT.
You are amazing and I am so happy to have been able to progress in my fitness journey with you. You are such an inspiration! You’ve inspired me so much to keep reaching my fitness and health goals throughout the years.
.Now that I have lost interest in many youtube fitness channels over the past few years, I am so glad to say YOU and your Youttube channel and podcasts have always been
my nr .1 resource when I was looking for (workout) motivation and health advice.
You should keep up the good work and stay an inspiring role model to all of us !

greetings from a stormy and rainy Belgium


February 04, 2019

Darling Rebecca-Louise, I want to thank you so so much for everything you do! I’ve been following you on youtube for about 6 years now, having first seen your videos on gymra and xhit. You are amazing and I am so happy to see how big you ‘ve grown!!! Congratulations!!! You are such a beautiful person both your character and looks! It really shows in your work!!! You’ve inspired me so much to look after myself and pay attention not only to exercise but food as well and even mindset! I’ve gone through a lot of ups and downs in the last 6 years, and you’ve always cheered me on! Thank you! I am very proud to be part of your programme and community! it’s great to have you on this journey. It’s a very unusual feeling when you see someone everyday and workout with them but they don’t know you :-) I actually see you more often than friends :-)) I wish you all the best and I hope all your dreams come true no matter how big they are! Love from Moscow, Russia :-*

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