Get Strong & Lean Full Body Tone Up Workout

Get Strong & Lean Full Body Tone Up Workout

BRAND NEW Moves! Time to GET STRONG and pack on those LEAN MUSCLES with this GET STRONG and LEAN FULL BODY WORKOUT! Add this to your daily routine to start seeing incredible results in 30 DAYS! Get that extra motivation earn points for working out plus longer daily workouts by downloading the BTES APP for FREE and becoming a VIP Member!

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Total-Body Benefits of Get Strong & Lean Full Body Tone Up Workout

Becoming Self - Aware : When we see ourselves clearly, we are more confident and more creative. We make sounder decisions, build stronger relationships and communicate more effectively. The best way to improve any relationship is by trying to become more self-aware. When you improve your self-awareness, you learn to understand the relationship between your thinking and your moods. This makes it much easier to regulate your emotions and to balance your moods. When you become more aware of your habits of thought and feeling, you can more easily distinguish between short-term impulses or desires and long term values and goals.

A special form of self-awareness involves becoming aware of and clear about the things that really matter to us.

  • Why am I here?
  • What am I called to do?
  • What makes for a fulfilling life that I can be truly proud of?

All too often we lack self-awareness because we’re actually thinking too much and overthinking things! We easily become lost in our thoughts, assuming they’re true or worth engaging with, simply because our minds decided to throw them at us.

What is Self - Awareness?

  • The habit of paying attention to our own minds, our thoughts, emotions and behaviours - the way you think, feel, and behave.
  • A skill anyone can improve with the right tools and a little practice.
  • It encourages you to learn and to be curious about your own mind.

To become Self - Aware it is important to think about...

How we react to things

How we talk to ourselves

How we talk to other people

What are we taking and what are we giving? This is a Big Challenge to help you become more Self - Aware! Be aware of the environment you put yourself in, aware of the emotion you are giving out to other people and aware of how your energy is flowing!

By being Self - Aware of who you are then you can change, adapt and be positive! 

Motivation : It is especially important when it comes to exercise, getting fit, getting healthy or losing weight. As the saying goes 'a little motivation goes a long way.' It's important to know where your motivation comes from and that there are different types of motivation. There are external things that motivate you and then there are the internal desires that drive you.  It is the intrinsic motivation, that comes from within you that is key to getting those health and fitness results you desire. This is something important to you in the present time and you can take control of it today! It is not necessarily about future goals, it is more about the way you can work on yourself physically and emotionally to make yourself mentally stronger! Intrinsic or internal motivation can include ...

  • Exercising because it feels good
  • Loving that feeling after a workout
  • Working out because it relieves stress
  • Feeling good when your body gets stronger and you can do more than you did before
  • Enjoying exercise because it gives you time to think or zone out

We can help you with this on the 5 Day Better You Program

Get Strong & Lean Full Body Tone Up Workout - What are we doing in today's workout?!

Leg Extensions 45 Degree to Back L & R : You need one long resistance band for this great exercise! In a standing position stand on the long band with both feet and then bring over and across your right shoulder. Lift your right leg back and forwards, pushing down on your supporting leg. Keep your left leg firmly on the ground and you will really feel the pull in your thighs, as you move your other leg back and forwards. Switch the band to the other shoulder and switch legs, keeping your right foot down on the ground and moving your left leg and foot back and forth. Stand nice and tall. Tap down onto the ground with your lifted leg and pull your core in nice and tight. Keep making those pulses!

Squat Forward 45 Degree Push Press : Take a nice wide squat with your feet holding the band in place. Hold the rest of the band in both hands facing forward. Shoot your hands up above your head and squeeze your elbows in towards your waist. Keep pushing your arms up and holding your core in tight. release and enjoy this squat with overhead press. You are doing AMAZING!

Bicep Curl with Pulse : Hold your band in one hand and in place with the same foot. Use the band to do a Bicep Curl. Pull your core in tight and take your arms out nice and wide. Extend your arm out and give a pulse at the end. How is your bicep working? Check it Out! Take the band over to the other side and repeat. Feel your body moving and working with every single rep. Do Not Quit!

Give this 10 minute workout routine or get the full 30 minute workout on the BTES App! 


Fancy a bit more? Another workout to try is the 10 minute Lower Body with Weights Workout to Lean and Tone Your Glutes, Thighs and Booty will get you toned inner thighs, toned legs, a round booty and slim calves! Get ready to feel the burn and to show off those legs on spring break! 

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