Get Fit with BTES!

Get Fit with BTES!

Get ready to feel the BURN, TONE up, ELEVATE your mindset & STRENGTHEN your life with the BTES App! 

Are you looking to take it to the NEXT LEVEL not only with your workouts but also in your LIFE?! You have come to the right spot. It's time to take control of your mindset and get the RESULTS that you have always dreamed of! Trust me, it is possible and the BTES APP is here to help you!

What does BTES stand for? BTES stands for BURN. TONE. ELEVATE. STRENGHTEN. All four are incorporated into the app through the workouts, mindset practices, motivational videos, the gratitude journal and even delicious recipes. The BTES App was created to help you reach your goals both mentally and physically all while giving you the tools you need to LEVEL UP and absolutely CRUSH IT in life.

Each day you will be guided through a 28 minute workout to tone up, build strength, increase your endurance & boost your confidence! Sounds pretty good right?! Even if you have never done a program like this before, DO NOT WORRY, the monthly workout calendar keeps track of your progress so you know exactly how you are doing.

Get access to an entire gym, kitchen and mindset library in one place. B.T.E.S gives you library of over 300 workouts, 200 meals and mindset programs that will get you to the results while rewarding you along the way. Earn points by eating healthy, working up a sweat and spend them our store! 

Let's talk Fitness...

The BTES App has a workout library with over 300 workouts to choose from, so there are workouts for everyone! Whether you love cardio or prefer heavy weights, you will find full 28 minute workouts including a warm up and cool down, every single day. 

I know so many people struggle with wondering what body part to work out on different days of the week, especially if you are just starting out. Well, look no further! I took all the guessing out of it for you and created the monthly calendar. Each month the BTES App has new daily workouts (already picked out for you) that will focus on different muscle groups, to give you the best results! 

The workout library also features full 28 minute stretch videos, extra workout challenges that target your abs & booty, no equipment workouts and workouts with your favorite BTES Trainers! 

Easy to navigate and lots of variety... working out and staying consistent just got a lot easier with the BTES App!

20% Fitness, 80% Nutrition

You know what they say, abs are made in the kitchen! Nutrition is the key to RESULTS! Making balanced lifestyle choices takes practice, but once you realize how good it feels to provide the body with healthy habits and proper nutrition, you'll understand why I always emphasize that food is essential for fitness! With the BTES App you have access to over 200 breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes! There is also a shopping list feature in the app that you can use to keep a list of what you need to buy for specific recipes! 

A life of restricting what you eat and drink is not healthy. You CAN still eat all your favorite foods, just not every day. Making a lifestyle change and creating new healthy habits will take time and discipline. You just have to ask yourself how bad do you want it? If you don't do it now, you'll never do it, so just START! 

Mindset is EVERYTHING!

I always say, if you're in your head, you're dead! Having a positive mindset doesn't happen overnight! Believe me, it takes hours of personal growth and development, and it is WORTH IT. You will never regret giving yourself the gift of investing in yourself and your mindset. The BTES App has a whole mindset section with videos about setting affirmations, breathing exercises, mediation and more. Everyday you even have access to a gratitude journal to fill out. Reflecting and journaling has been one of the most helpful things for me and my growth. 

Giving yourself the tools you need to be successful is crucial to results. The BTES App has everything you need to give you confidence in all areas of your life! From fitness and nutrition to your mindset, it is time to BURN TONE ELEVATE AND STENGTHEN. What are you waiting for?! Download the BTES APP NOW! 

Let's see those results! 

Madison’s story is seriously the MOTIVATION you need today to choose better and decide to commit to showing up for your workouts everyday! Listen to my interview with Madison here to learn how committing to herself and her workouts changed her entire life.

Come cheer for our amazing BTES Girl Ella as she shares her journey to her life changing Transformation from an Unhealthy Relationship with Food, Anxiety, Depression to impacting Lives!

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Well, what are you waiting for?! The time is now! Download the BTES App and start with todays workout. Make sure to take a peek at your daily recipe and motivational quote! I am so excited for you to become part of the BTES Community. Get ready to feel the BURN!
xxx Rebecca 

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