Full Body Sculpt and Burn Calories

Full Body Sculpt and Burn Calories

Body Sculpt Workout Burn Calories 

This full body workout will sculpt you from head to toe in 10 minutes and burn calories along the way! Add in weights for an extra burn, all levels can do this workout as I give modifications.

The workout will consist of:

  • Reverse lunge with press
  • Walking squats
  • Curtsey lunges with bicep curl right and left
  • Jumping Jacks


  • Russian twists
  • Single bent knee leg drops
  • Reach throughs
  • Low plank hip dips

Check it out here:

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Get the full 28 minute version here!

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Rowena ocampo
Rowena ocampo
November 17, 2020

I always make sure to see your poston f.b.i follow your fitness exercises.and i really enjoy it.thanks to you REBECCA LOUISE