Full Body Ballet Sculpt - Dance your way to RESULTS!

Full Body Ballet Sculpt - Dance your way to RESULTS!

Get Ready to Dance Your Way to Results with this Full Body Ballet Workout at Home

Have you ever dreamt of being a Ballerina?  Well, this is not your typical Ballet class! You are going to love this full body ballet sculpt, it is next level. I blend ballet with functional strength training and isometric holds to give you a heart-pumping workout and without a doubt  this will help you get stronger from head to toe. You will BURN your way through 100's of calories with this at home Workout.

Is Ballet a Good Workout?

Ballet can help you burn a tremendous amount of calories and involves total-body that will not only elevate your heart rate, breathing rate, circulation, and muscular activity, but it elevates your metabolism too.  

Ballet, body sculpting classes are a brilliant way for building up your endurance, which is why these workouts can be so successful!

A full body Ballet Sculpt workout is usually quite dynamic and that’s why I love sharing them. They do not get boring and there’s always a new way to challenge yourself.

Ballet Workout ideas

Mindset. ‘Think Small’ from the moment you step onto the matt, take your time and create small movements. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much benefit you’ll get just from adjusting a small amount. Think small for a big ballet workout.

Dress Appropriately. Workout clothes are important. It can strengthen your performance, or it could hinder it. If you’re struggling to reach your maximum potential, then it might be time to make sure you are in a good pair of leggings and a well-fitting top. Check out my workout clothes here.

Stretch and warm up.  A warm up prepares your body for exercise which can effectively prevent an injury. Nobody wants their work out to be cut short by a pulled muscle or twisted ankle!

Dehydration. Keep plenty of water at hand, this workout can make you sweat! Need a new water bottle? Click here 

Tone your BOOTY with my BALLET BARRE Workout! 

Just like Yoga and Pilates, my Booty Ballet Barre body sculpting class focuses on providing you with a booty-shaking core workout. Check out my blog that goes into detail here!

Let me know what how your workout went in the comments! Get ready to feel the BURN all over!




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