Fit & Slim Figure Full Body Tone

Fit & Slim Figure Full Body Tone

This full body fat burning and toning workout will give you a FIT & SLIM FIGURE!

The workout will consist of:

  • Alternating reverse lunge pulse w/ bicep curl
  • Wide squat elbows out
  • High plank, bringing weight through
  • Full sit-up to a v-sit pulse
  • 2 toe taps to 2 leg drops
  • Fire hydrants L+R
  • Diagonal pulses L+R
  • Inch worm to narrow push up to wide push up
  • 2 tricep dips 2 shoulder taps
  • Star jumps
  • Lay down press up to stand up L+R
  • Deadlift to rows 

Check it out here:


What was the most challenging part of this week's workout for you?! Let me know below!

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