Find Your Fire!

February 09, 2018

Find Your Fire!


Who's ready to join me in this 5-day Find Your Fire fitness challenge? The start of the year is a great time to take on your health goals, though not all of us get that jump start on January 1st. It's never too late to start making lifestyle changes - February is known as the month of love so we're going to tune into ourselves and discover what it is that makes our bodies feel fantastic! 

My coaches and teammates each found something that they loved most about participating in FYF - from food to workout moves and motivation, there's a bit for everyone to identify with!

Here are some features that you can look forward to:

- Healthy recipes, grocery list, and daily meal planning
- Self reflection for staying inspired & loving yourself
- How to find the fire within you
- Exclusive daily workouts for shaping up your whole bod!



"What I loved about this challenge is that it gave me a restart to my fitness journey for 2018! It’s always so hard to get back into the swing of things after the holidays so I definitely loved getting a fresh start in February when I was a little less overwhelmed with all the hustle and bustle of life! I especially loved taking the time to do some self reflection and write down the things Rebecca had in the packet - it truly helped me take some time for myself and reflect on my goals for the year!

The food recipes are also amazing on this guide! I especially loved the One-Tray Bake not only because of how yummy it is, but also because of how convenient it is to make (not to mention, an easy clean up as well).

My favorite workout in this challenge was the "Head To Toe" workout: I love feeling like I worked every part of my body when I do a workout, and this one is perfect for that reason. Definitely left me feeling the burn after!!"


"As a mom of two it's hard to find time to take care of myself or want to take time away to do things for me. I love the ease of the recipes and the nutrition program and never thought I could maintain my mama abs from protein pancakes. What I love about the fitness is that I can do it from the comfort of my home. My favorite video was "Perky Butt" and I even used my baby as some extra weight! What I love about this challenge is that, even around two babies who occupy my every moment, I was able to find my fire and do something for me! Thanks, Rebecca for helping me light it!"


Being an active person, and constantly on the go, it is important to always plan ahead when it comes to my nutrition - this challenge makes things simple when it comes to preparing meals! For someone that needs good nutrition every hour of the day, the smoothies provide me every macro and micronutrient that I need and ensure that I hit my daily protein recommendations. Rebecca's additional recommended products are really helpful for guaranteeing that I'm giving my body essential vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy body function.


"I love the find your fire challenge. I am always on top of exercise and also do meal prepping for Rebecca, so experimenting with recipes was super fun. This guide was really useful for strategizing my week: this has helped me organize my mind for the better and helped me take one thing at a time rather than multi-task.

I was really excited to put lettuce wraps on the menu. If I was queen of the world we would all have lettuce wraps for lunch every day, because it’s anything you want wrapped in a healthy low-carb way. They are surprisingly filling and delicious! I brought a tupperware full of chopped veggies and tofu and a romaine lettuce heart to the beach the other day for a quick and easy lunch!"


"I think the grocery list is an awesome feature - I'm always rolling back and forth around the market because I type up items I need to buy on the notes in my phone, but I'm not the best at sorting things for efficient shopping. So this made it super efficient to find all the groceries I needed to make my meals for the week since the list is organized by product category! That key lime pudding ended up being really simple and delicious.

As for the workouts, I was excited to start the week off with my favorite kind of exercises (that mystery Monday routine has a new video coming out on the 11th)! I've been following along with 30 Day Get Fit for months and always look forward to new fitness activities. This week featured in the challenge was an awesome total-body burn!

After going through the section about finding the fire within myself, I found an older photo that reminded me of what my body used to be capable of and what I can still do again with some practice & persistence! It's ok to use yourself as motivation: whether you're reflecting about a time when you were happier, healthier, whatever it may be - that can be a good driving force to inspire change for the better!"


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