Feel Confident Sexy Back Hiit Workout

Feel Confident Sexy Back Hiit Workout

Level up your CONFIDENCE and TONE that Upper Body with this FEEL CONFIDENT SEXY BACK HIIT WORKOUT! Add this work out to your daily routine for the next 30days to achieve incredible results! Want that extra motivation and longer daily workouts? Download the BTES App for FREE and be on your way to becoming a VIP!

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Total-Body Benefits of the Feel Confident Sexy Back Hiit Workout

Using Ankle Weights on your Arms : With a little creativity, you can use your ankle weights to give your arms, back, chest and core an excellent workout. While ankle weights are a great way to train your bottom half, they don't necessarily have to go around your ankles. Exercising while wearing ankle weights on your arms will raise your heart rate and boost your oxygen consumption. Adding wrist weights to your exercise routine can boost the intensity of your workout. When you exercise with weights, you tend to swing your arms more. Some research has shown that much of the change in oxygen and energy use is because your upper body is more actively engaged.

Mindset for Success : Mindset is what differs between those who succeed and those who do not. If you’re serious about achieving success in any area of your life, you must learn to master yours. When you change your thinking, you change your action and therefore your mindset. When action changes, results change. In short, what you think, you become. Once you start to change your mindset, you will immediately start to change your behaviour.

These limiting beliefs create our reality. We believe we can’t, so we don’t. If we instead lived in terms of “I can” and “I will”, imagine what we could achieve!

Maybe your beliefs have got to change?

It really is all about if you want something different you have to think differently!

  • You don’t need more time. We all have the same amount of hours in a day.
  • You don’t need more money to be wealthy. Start from where you’re at, like most people.
  • You don’t need to have great talent and skills. It can be developed if there is a will.

What you need is a willingness to shift your mindset into success mode, and the rest will follow. Our thoughts have incredible power over our everyday lives, which is the key reason to develop a success mindset. Adopting a success mindset has many benefits that include developing healthy self-esteem, positive thoughts, healthy meaning to any event, harnessing drive, facing adversity with confidence, and more.

Mindset is the mental attitude with which we approach something. It’s a collection of thoughts, assumptions, and beliefs. The Mindset for Success is what motivates us, keeps us focused, and empowers us.  A positive mindset is critical to achieving your goals and dreams in life. Follow someone who has the success that you want, even if you disagree or it just triggers you to think differently! That really is the key to achieving a Mindset for Success!

If we want something different then we need to open up our ears and your mind to thinking in a different way. Think about where you want to be!

Self - Belief : Patience goes hand in hand with self-belief, as any success requires time. Impatience makes you lose concentration and gain self-doubt. Understand your strength and trust that they will provide when needed. Embrace your passion as this will allow you to engage in fun so the path of success will be simple and easier. Take the time to understand your passion. It will help you at a time of difficulty. Being passionate about what you do gives you that inner drive, so you’re willing to produce better results.

If you are clear and specific with what you want to achieve in life, you are already setting yourself up to win. You’ll do much better than most people who are blurred with their life’s purpose. If you have the sound wisdom of emotional and personal satisfaction, then it will be easy for you to achieve a goal-setting mindset. It is time for you to take charge of your life and create the amazing success you want by intentionally moving toward your clear goal. 

If you are unwilling to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.

Don’t be afraid to fail as for many people, it’s the fear of failure that stops you from achieving great things. However, that can be taken care of by learning new skills, getting better at certain tasks, and developing new approaches. In the process of failure, consider all your mistakes as a way to grow. Sometimes, taking the risk may be scary, but remember that the more you fail, the more you will learn and grow.

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Feel Confident Sexy Back Hiit Workout! What are we doing in today's workout?!

Single Arm Swimmers L & R : Go down with your body onto all fours on your mat, facing the floor. Put your ankle weights on your lower arms, bring your feet hip distance apart and lie on the mat in a swimming position! Extend your arm and take it back, gripping the weight with your palms. Wearing your arm bands do a swimming motion exercise for 45 seconds with one arm, 15 seconds rest and then repeat with the other arm. Start with your right arm and go backwards and forwards with your arm just as if you are swimming!

Create a round the world action with your arm! With your hips facing down, hold your core in tight and keep your knees bent. Keep feeling the strength to build that muscle. Take your arm right over the top and this will tone the whole upper body. Take it over to the side and repeat with your left arm. Lift up right through your chest. press down with your hands into the mat and extend your arm up, just as if you are swimming!

Superwomans : Lie on your front and shoot your arms out in front of you. Lift up for 3 2 1! Extend your arms out in front and pull back to the side. Bring your palms down to the ground and lift them up. Bring your elbows in towards your waist and shoot your arms forward. Squeeze your glutes, thighs and feet together. Lift your chest up a bit higher each time. Lift up and hold - 3 2 1 and gently release.

Laying Downfly : Lay down on your back with your belly button pulled in tight. Keep your legs together and pull your core in nice and tight. Take your arms up high in front of you and bring them down to the side. Bend your knees to give your back extra protection and support, if needed. Do this exercise in a slow and controlled way, building up your strength, power and Mindset for Success!

On Knees Tricep Pulse to Side Ext : Come down onto your knees and slightly lean forward. Pull your core in tight so that you are not arching your back. Gently lift your arms back and forth, keeping them straight. Keep pushing through and lifting up your arms as you go back each time.

Can you Feel the Burn?

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