Fat Burning Exercises Post Holidays!

Fat Burning Exercises Post Holidays!

Best ways to Burn fat fast

Already thinking about what workout you are going to do after the Thanksgiving dinner? First off stop panicking about not getting your workout in and all the food you are about to face. Eat what you like, don't feel guilty and move your body. Get the best Fat Burning Exercises Post Holidays workouts right here, oh and a cocktail!

Do not stress on Burning off the calories!

Most important thing here is not to stress if you have a big family dinner and you eat all the pies! One day, even one day a month is not going to send you back on your results. Eat what you like and when you are full just take a breath and if you are dying for one more slice go for it!

Life is all about balance, not judging yourself and being kind to your body. For me I like to workout in the early morning, get it done and sets me up for my day. Plus it gets dark by 5pm here and my brain thinks its bedtime! For Thanksgiving I will go and do a 6am class or backyard workout. I am heading to Palm Springs with family for one night to enjoy the feast that's in store! (Beyond meat burgers for me!)

One tip:  studies suggest that the average craving lasts only about ten minutes. So before caving into your urge, set your mental timer for a ten-minute time-out. Use the time to tackle an item on your to-do list; choose one that will give you a sense of accomplishment—and get you out of the kitchen.

My goal is to get back Friday afternoon and get in a workout and then we have the LIVE Saturday 28th November on Youtube. I especially added this one so you can get your family to join in while you are visiting them!

"After the holidays, everybody’s ready to be so committed, but if we take small steps, it’ll probably lead to us being more consistent and being able to keep our goals."


Full Body Workout Plan, It's A Quick 10 Minutes

Even if its a quick 10 minute routine or a brisk walk, moving your body everyday is great for both mental and physical health. There is no doubt I will have some dessert and any chocolate I get my eye on. This isn't a habit everyday so as long as 80% of the time you are showing up to put your health first, I believe is the main thing!


My Gratitude for 2020

I also wanted to touch on gratitude as we celebrate this holiday and if you are not enjoying a big feast for thanksgiving, there's never not a day to thank you blessings. so here mine go... I hope you enjoy and then I will give you the sweat dripping workouts to do!

This is for sure a year of growth, and it's definitely the biggest thing I am grateful for in 2020. When things are going great we tend not to learn new skills or think differently. So even though this year has been full on uncertainty, confusion and frustration it has also been the year to slow down and learn how to adapt.

Think about all the things that have been brought to your attention this year, what has stood out to you as important and what the life is you want to lead. It's in these times that wake us up, can shake us into a new path and greatly shape who we become.

Take a moment to reflect back and gather your thoughts on how you behaved this year, how did you react and what did you achieve. Be thankful for this year of growth, embrace it and count your blessings!

I am so incredibly grateful for this incredible community, you are my everything! Those days where it's difficult I love because I find the deep down strength and grit to keep on showing up because I want to be the best for you. My vision for the future is full of fire and ambition because you show me that I am pretty good at working out and talking at the same time!

Thank you for showing up for yourself, the community and for me! It takes a team to make change and each and everyone of you are part of that journey to us all getting 1% better each day.


How to Burn Fat Fast



After all that emotion and gratitude lets move our bodies and get our physiologically in gear to a positive state!

Ate too much? It's time to burn off that extra slice of pie!  

Don't beat yourself up if you end up eating too much at Thanksgiving dinner. ITS OK to indulge as long as you get back on track. This full body workout will sculpt you from head to toe in 10 minutes and burn those extra calories along the way! Add in weights for an extra burn and to continue to burn calories for the rest of the day, all levels can do this workout as I give modifications. 

My favorite Full body Workout Plan At Home

  • Reverse Lunge with Press

  • Walking Side Squats

  • Curtsey Lunge with Bicep Curls

  • Jumping Jacks

  • Russian Twists

  • Leg Drops

  • Reach Throughs

  • Low Plank Hip Dips

Follow along the full workout here 👇🏻


Workout in style! Click here to check out our new apparel that just dropped and is almost SOLD OUT in one day! Add your email too our waitlist to be first to know when items are restocked.

Ok so even after getting your new BTES workout gear and woking up a sweat the holidays can still leave ufeelingng a little anxious...

Family Drama leave you feeling stressed? Try out this guided meditation.

Did things get a little crazy at this years family get together? We all have that one cousin that likes to get in everyone's business. With this soulful meditation session you will become reconnected with who you are, who you want to be and where you want to go.


What about a low calories cocktail?!

People often mistake thirst for hunger, so next time you feel like eating, reach for water first. Drinking also helps you feel full. Some experts suggest sipping water (or my mega tea) just before you sit down to a meal. Continue drinking as you eat to add volume and weight to your meal. You can get  your mega tea here 

Need something a little stiffer to get you through the holiday season with your family.... Check out my blog post for some low cal holiday spirits!

Remember that booze is not going to make things all better.. trust me I've been there! Do not use and abuse gin and tonics to get you through those uncomfortable family dinners. Drink in moderation!


Extra Surprise, Fat Burning Workout!

And if these things are not enough and you want more, well I have one last things for you. I will be LIVE on YouTube November 28th a10 am am pst for a workout in which you are all invited too. The best way to get back in the game after the holiday, connect with each other and have a chat about what we got up too.

If you are with family this is the perfect way to get them involved in a workout and get fit together!

We will do a 30 minuets Booty and Hamstring workout. Bring your bands and weights too! And after we will do a cool down and catch up chat with any questions you might have for me.

One last thing...

Don't forget to make sure my email is in your contacts so you get our next months calendar. Our Holiday 31 Day program is going to be off the charts! We will have a free version and a VIP Premium one for the BTES members.  Send this link to all your friends and family so they can join in with you and feel great this season.

Each month we have a new calendar full of workouts, lives, mediations, motivation and everything you need to motivate you too show up, take action and say goodbye to all your excuses!

Happy Thanksgiving 

Love you all so much


Rebecca, Alphie & Pennie 


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Rebecca and Burn Trainers I am so thankful for your program and motivation! You have allowed me to reach my goals in 2020—Let’s see where you will push me in 2021!