10 minute, Fat Burning, High Intensity, Home Cardio Workout

10 minute, Fat Burning, High Intensity, Home Cardio Workout

This 10 minute, Fat Burning, High Intensity, Home Cardio Workout uses the best  exercises to blast calories and tone the body quickly. It is a great way to get maximum benefit from a routine in minimal time!

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Looking for a Cardio Workout ?

This Home Cardio Workout is perfect to get your heart rate up and work up a sweat. There are 8 exercises we have for you to raise your heart rate and put you in a great mood. If you can’t complete an entire exercise without stopping, that’s okay. Just jump right back into the workout as soon as you can. It's important how you listen to your body, during a workout - when to stop & when to keep pushing.


How Much Cardio Should I Do In a Day?

If you do this routine regularly, it won't take very long for your cardiovascular fitness and endurance to improve. This is a no equipment cardio workout which means just jump in your workout clothes and let's get going. You can download the full 28 min version of the workout on the BTES app.


Is Cardio the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Because of the short, intense bouts of exertion you can actually end up giving yourself a metabolic boost. You will not only Burn Calories,  you will Burn Fat and Get Sweaty. I always say, it's 80% nutrition and 20% exercising, get started on a simple nutrition plan for FREE right here along with your workouts!


What we are doing in today's workout:

Booty Kicker: Begin by standing with your feet about hip-distance apart, with your arms at your side.  Slowly bring your right heel to your buttocks by contracting your hamstring muscle.  Place the ball of your right foot back on the ground, and slowly bring your left heel to your buttocks.  Perform this motion a few more times — alternating heels and gradually building speed. 

When you’re ready, continue alternating your right and left heels, picking up your pace until it feels like you’re jogging in place.  To work your upper body at the same time, pump your arms while performing this motion. If your left heel is kicking your buttocks, pump your right arm forward at a 90-degree angle. If your right heel is kicking, pump your left arm forward. Continue the drill for at least 30 seconds, focusing on quick leg turnover. You can increase the duration as you build your fitness.

Alternating Side Lunge:  Start standing tall, feet hip-width distance apart. Take a wide step out to the left. Bend your left knee as you push your hips back. Push off with your left leg to return to standing. Alternate switching sides 

Mountain Climbers: Start in a high plank position with shoulders stacked directly over wrists, hands place shoulder-width apart, and core engaged so that your body forms a straight line from shoulders to hips to heels. Keep your neck relaxed by looking down between your hands. Engage your glutes, quads, and thighs to keep your legs straight. With a tight core, initiate the movement by driving your left knee in toward your chest, then quickly stepping it back to plank position. Immediately drive the right knee in toward chest, then quickly step it back into plank position. Continue to alternate.

Side Shuffles:  Begin with both feet together, bend knees and then shuffle from one end of the matt and back. Keep your chest up and your feet bent as you continue shuffling for several seconds. Repeat the exercise in the opposite direction.

Slow Squats: Begin by standing with your feet about hip-distance apart, with your arms at your side and slowly do a squat down and then come up as slowly as you can so you can focus and feel the burn!

Frog Jumps: Begin by placing your hands face down on your mat then you are going to do a frog jump in and a frog jump our. You will utilize the squat position as in a vertical position.  

High Knees: Stand with your feet hip-width apart. Lift up your left knee to your chest. Switch to lift your right knee to your chest. Continue the movement, alternating legs and moving at a sprinting or running pace.

Star Jumps:  Stand upright with your legs together, arms at your sides. Bend your knees slightly, and jump into the air. As you jump, spread your legs to be about shoulder-width apart. Stretch your arms out and over your head. Quickly jump back to starting position.

 Get started with the workout here and in just 10 minutes you will be giving yourself a metabolism boost!


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